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Value & Benefits of CPST

  1. Quality Training. Your staff will receive training on all the cannabis products that exist on the market, how to use them, and how they work. 90% of budtenders or other staff nationwide cannot describe accurate dosing, time to effect, product differences, and safe methods of consumption, etc. Why is your dispensary better than the rest? Because you ensure your staff are properly trained with the most credible certifications around.
  2. Increase Sales & Customer Loyalty. Staff properly trained in CPST will help your dispensary maximize revenue with increases in customer confidence and loyalty.
  3. Decrease Risk. A CPST certification will help minimize the risk for your dispensary by empowering your sales representatives with the knowledge they need to safely dispense cannabis products. Your dispensary can avoid public health and safety issues with a CPST certification.

Cannabis Products & Sales Training (CPST) was written specifically for sales associates, by industry experts, in a way that everyone can understand. CPST uses certified medical science to inform sales representatives on tough topics such as time-to-effect for different forms of THC. CPST is a great course for those who are new to the cannabis industry and need to become more familiar with its products. Being CPST certified by the Trichome Institute goes a long way in pursuing job opportunities in an industry that is hard to break into.

This item includes the full course contents, CPST test, and certification.


  • Cannabis Products and Sales Training
    • Consumer Tolerance Levels
    • Consuming Smoke and Vapor
    • Edibles
    • Hash and Concentrates
    • Sublinguals, Transdermals, and Topicals
    • Suppositories and Personal Products
    • Product Weight, Conversions, and the Law
    • Customer Service
    • Final Exam

Course Details

Estimated Time: 2.5 hrs

Difficulty: Intermediate

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CPST 3 Months of Access - $199

Access to all 8 chapters, the exam, and certification if passed!

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