CPST CH1 - Consumer Tolerance to Cannabis

Chapter 1 Video Sample

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Estimated Time: 18 mins

Difficulty: Intermediate

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Chapter 1 Objectives

  1. The student will be able to explain to consumers how tolerance develops based on the amount, frequency and potency of the cannabis consumed.
  2. The student will be able to demonstrate how to use the Trichome Tolerance Scale to estimate tolerance, proper dosing and ensure customer safety.
  3. The student will be able to assess the factors affecting tolerance variations for the full range of consumers from beginners to those with experience.    

Chapter 1 Content  – Consumer Tolerance

    1. What is Tolerance? Using the Tolerance Scale.
    2. Understanding Level 0: No Tolerance
    3. Understanding Level 1: Slight Tolerance
    4. Understanding Level 2: Moderate Tolerance
    5. Understanding Level 3: Strong Tolerance
    6. Recommend A Physician First!
    7. Reminder about Potency and Dosing
    8. Other Variables in Dosing
    9. Conclusion

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