CPST CH4 - Hash and Concentrates

Chapter 4 Video Sample

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Understand the effects and properties of hash and concentrates

Chapter 4 Objectives

  1. The student will be able to discuss the properties, differences, and methods of use of the various forms of hash and concentrate available today.
  2. The student will understand the advantages, disadvantages and process of dabbing.
  3. The student will understand the issues surrounding residual solvents in concentrates.

Chapter 4 Content  – Hash and Concentrates

  1. What is Hash?
  2. A Very Short History of Hash
  3. Hash Today
  4. Who Uses Hash and Concentrates and Why?
  5. Kief
  6. Water Hash
  7. Dabbing: What It Is and How You Do It
  8. Safe Concentrates for Dabbing
  9. CO2 Extracted Concentrate
  10. Wax, Crumble and Honeycomb
  11. Shatter
  12. Budder
  13. Hash Oil
  14. Live Resin
  15. Rosin
  16. Testing for Residual Solvents