Edibles with Max Montrose

Everything You Need to Know About Edibles - Sample

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Estimated Time: 1.5 hrs

Difficulty: Intermediate

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Max Montrose covers everything you need to know about edibles in this 1.5 hour long webcast

What is this Lecture about?

  • Types of Edibles
  • The Differences Between Edibles
  • Benefits of Edibles
  • Time to Effect and Edible Chemistry
  • Delta-9-THC vs. 11-Hydroxy-THC
  • Challenges with Edibles
  • Edible Induced Psychosis
  • Recommending edibles

Edible Discussion Questions:

  • The debate about whether or not edibles should taste like cannabis.
  • Water soluble delta-9-THC
  • Decarboxylation and THCA
  • Is there a superior form of extraction and infusion of edibles?
  • Potency percentage variance regulations  
  • Are strain specific edibles or Indica/Sativa edibles possible?
  • Is the Magical Butter® Machine worth buying?
  • Extracting with Alcohol, Coconut oil, Butter, CO2, BHO, differences
  • What about pesticides, extraction, and food?
  • Dabbing dangers, tincture, vegan butter and wrapping up.

Who should watch this lecture?

  • Anyone who serves or consumes edibles often.
  • Anyone interested in starting to use edibles as a medicine or recreation.
  • All budtenders and cannabis dispensary staff serving edibles to customers.
  • Anyone who does not believe in edible induced psychosis.  
  • People who want to make edibles at home.
  • Anyone thinking of starting an edible business.