Frequently Asked Questions

When is your next Interpening, CPST or RV course?

Enter your e-mail at the bottom of the course page to be notified when our next class will be.

How much are your classes?

Cannabis Product and Sales Training:  1-9 Students $199.00, 10-19 Students $169.00,  20+ Students $149.00

Interpening Level One:  1-9 Students $199.00, 10-19 Students $169.00,  20+ Students $149.00

Interpening Level Two: 1-9 Students $249.00,10-19 Students $225.00,  20+ Students $199.00

Responsible Vendor : 1-9 Students $149.00, 10-19 Students $99.00,  20+ Students  $89.00

What is Interpening?

Interpening is the art of the Cannabis Sommelier: the science of dissecting cannabis flower for total quality control and psychotropic variety type designation.

What is RV?

RV teaches the best practices for a dispensary and sets a standard for operation procedures. A staff trained and certified in RV can prevent or minimize infractions and violations.

How long is the Responsible Vendor Certification valid for?
2 years
What is CPST?

Your staff will receive training on all the cannabis products that exist on the market, how to use them, and how they work

Is there a test?
We offer a test to make sure you know the information we are teaching you.
Am I able to take a re-test if I failed?

YES, if you happen to fail your first time don’t worry. You will be notified through our automatic e-mail process how to re-test.

Are you courses available online?

YES, Currently our CPST course is available online. We are working hard to bring you Interpening 1 and RV courses online. We will send out an e-blast to let everyone know when they will be available!

Can I sign up for the newsletter?

Enter your e-mail at the bottom of our homepage to be added to the e-blast.