4 Gram Boveda Humidity Control (10 Pack)

4 Gram Boveda Humidity Control (10 Pack)


Boveda Humidity Pack Uses: Retain trichome moisture for chemical preservation, Prevent terpene loss to retain unique effect type, Keep raw cannabis flower fresher – longer
Supports: Up to 1/2 oz. (14g) of cannabis
Includes: (10) 62%, 4g unwrapped Boveda humidity packs in resealable bag

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Small CVault

CVault is the go-to cannabis storage container, it is the “The World’s Smartest Storage Container, No Thinking Required!”. The combination of Boveda’s humidity control pack with the food grade 304 stainless steel create the perfect environment for preserving your weed.

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When you place Boveda’s patented 2-way humidity control inside your cannabis/hemp container, it begins to work right away. Immediacy is a priority—because when terps are at risk, there’s not a moment to lose. The all-natural salt and water solution starts to regulate the relative humidity inside your container and creates a monolayer shield of purified water over the trichome.

All the essential elements responsible for the cannabis/hemp experience, including terpenes and cannabinoids, are housed in the trichome. And the terpenes found therein are essential to the desired smell and effect in cannabis and hemp.

Boveda’s packaging allows only purified water to be released into the container. Only this vigilant humidity shield can protect the terpenes from evaporation that can occur in the cannabis curing process. Read the science


How to Use Boveda Humidity Packs

To keep your herb fresh for longer periods of time, place the correct size Boveda pack in an appropriate sized container mentioned in the size description. Put your Boveda packs in a container that is completely sealed, such as a CVault Jar. A regular sandwich baggie won’t work as they breathe too easily and this will dry out your pack faster than it should. Once your pack is done (it feels a bit hard or crunchy) simply replace it with a fresh one! 

Without and with Boved humidity packs


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