Cannabis Consultant Training


Whether you’re dispensary staff or an attorney, packaging designer or political activist in this budding industry, you want to speak in facts. Cannabis Consultant Training (formerly Cannabis Products & Sales Training) provides a broad foundation in the essential topics: the cannabis plant’s anatomy and chemistry, legal definitions of hemp and marijuana, modes of consumption, effects and side effects, cannabis products and dosing, ensuring quality and safety, cannabis product sales training, and more.  Review the course topics here.

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Since there is so much misinformation about cannabis, knowing who to trust when it comes to cannabis education is challenging enough. Not only that, but how are you supposed to know if the information you’re learning is even relevant? The confusion and uncertainty aren’t worth it, and it’s costing your business money and time. And the truth is if you’re going to invest in education, it ought to be entertaining and excite you and your dispensary staff. That’s why we updated our Cannabis Products & Sales Training course to bring you Cannabis Consultant Training, an on-demand course that helps you be confident in sharing your knowledge so you can better educate your customers, improve how they view your brand, and guide them through their journey with cannabis.

CCT Course Topics

  • Cannabis Terminology
  • The Experimentation Phase
  • What speciation and strain names really mean
  • Determining customer tolerance
  • How cannabinoids and terpenes work
  • Understand the Entourage Effect
  • What is the Endocannabinoid System
  • Vaping and smoking flower
  • Edibles and their effects
  • The difference between transdermals and topicals
  • Vape Pens, should you be concerned?
  • Suppositories for men and women
  • Extraction methods and the products they make
  • The different types of cannabis concentrates
  • How to dab and what you need
  • How to read a lab test and product labels
  • Cannabis weights and conversions


Course Specs

Video Time: 2.5 hours
Completion Time: 8 hours
Testing: Final Exam
Languages: English
Difficulty: Moderate
Prerequisite: None
Achievement: Certification
Meet Your Guides: Brandon Allen,  Max Montrose, Murphy Murri


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