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The goal of Cannabis For All is to teach new cannabis consumers everything they need to know about cannabis, so they can develop their unique relationship with this amazing plant.

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The amount of information about cannabis in magazines, books, and all across the world wide web is vast and infinite. However a lot of that “information” is outdated, misleading, or flat out wrong.  You could Google a specific question or topic about cannabis, and end up with fifteen different answers, of which none could even be factual. So, who can you trust? Is the information you’re researching about cannabis based on facts or feelings?  Are you trying to learn while being blasted with ads on YouTube and constant sponsor plugs for brands you can’t even get in your state? Is Bob’s Pot Blog legit, or just some dude who’s really high using big words that sound technical? 

  Cannabis research has become a confusing chore for many people, so Trichome Institute created CFA to be a one-stop shop for you to learn everything you need to know – not everything there is to know – that’s much more than a basic 101, yet digestible and not too technical.  So, rewind and clear your mind from whatever you’ve “heard” about cannabis, it’s time to start from scratch and learn accurate, reliable, and fun information about this amazing plant!