Expert Bundle (All Courses + Tools)


Expert Bundle (All Courses + Tools)

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  • Interpening Book

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  • The Weed Wheel®

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  • Interpening Loop

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  • Interpener's Dual Power Magnifier

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  • Interpener's UV Magnifier

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Expert Bundle:

Professional Interpening

Interpening is best described as the art and science of the cannabis sommelier. This course will teach you to evaluate cannabis quality and determine the effects of flower.


Extraction & Concentrates 

Extraction and Concentrates is taught by Murphy Murri, one of the leading authorities in cannabis extraction. She will guide you through the various extraction methods and techniques, so you’re able to understand the complexities of concentrate products.


Cannabis Consultant Training

Cannabis Consultant Training will give you the confidence to share your knowledge which enables you to better educate your customers, guide them through their journey with cannabis, and improve how they view your brand.


Interpening Book

The Interpening book is filled with many photos and definitions that will help you retain all the information gained in the online course.


Interpening Loop

The Interpening Loop is an interactive tool that guides you through the most crucial aspects of determining flower quality.


The Weed Wheel

The Weed Wheel is another interactive tool that focuses on the different Interpening categories and the effects they create.


Dual Interpener’s Magnifier

The Dual Magnifier allows you to evaluate overall cannabis quality, while at the same time zooming in to explore the different trichome types, their ripeness, and health.


UV Interpener’s Magnifier

The UV Magnifier is great for evaluating cannabis quality and also includes a UV light that helps you easily identify powdery mildew, insect exoskeletons, and more.

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2 reviews for Expert Bundle (All Courses + Tools)

  1. Lydia Marquez

    Lydia Marquez (verified owner)

    I am so happy that I committed to this package. I learned so much and it was a lot of fun. Since taking the courses, I am now working at a Dispensary where I have applied all of my knowledge. My coworkers are now looking into the courses as well as all of the fun tools we can use while speaking to the consumers. Both magnifiers are easy to use and allows you to properly examine your flower. Ever since completing the courses I am always using my magnifiers to examine my flower and just have fun with it. All of the other extras that come with the package are worth having. This was so much fun and highly recommended!

  2. John Monroe

    John Monroe (verified owner)

    I use the information from these classes every day as a patient consultant. One of the best investments I’ve ever made.

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