GRAV® Gandalf


Carb: On the Left
Designed by: Stephan and Micah
Length height: 8-10″
Use with: Flower

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Smoke like a wizard with the GRAV® Gandalf. Whether you’re hosting a gathering or strolling through the woods, this iconic shape is sure to turn heads. The wide bowl makes it perfect for sharing, and the extra long mouthpiece will cool smoke and catch resin before it reaches you. But let’s be real, the best thing about this pipe is how mystical you’ll feel when you use it.

Brandon’s Pick

Let’s be real, I’m obsessed with the Lord of the Rings movies, and Gandalf is a badass, which is why I love this piece.  As much as I enjoy a nice smooth bong hit, I also like a hot, smoky, hit to the dome with a straight pipe like this.  I think a little cough does you good.


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