GRAV® Small Wide Base Water Pipe


Carb: F
Comes with: 14mm Cup Bowl
Designed by: Stephan Peirce
Filtration type: Cone Perc
Joint: 14mm
Length height: 8″
Use with: Flower

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The GRAV® Wide-Based Water Pipe is 8″ tall and made on 32mm tubing. Its downstem ends in a wide conical fission perc that diffuses smoke through water and is fixed inside the pipe to prevent damage. The narrow tube leading to the mouthpiece prevents splashback. The wide-based water pipe comes ready to use with a 14mm GRAV® Cup Bowl and functions best with approximately 1″ of water.

Brandon’s Pick

I’ve always been a big fan of bongs because they allow me to take big hits, without being so harsh. However, since I got two large dogs, keeping bongs safe from being knocked off the coffee table hasn’t been easy.  I love this bong for a couple of reasons.  The first, is that it’s short with a wide base, which really helps reduce spillage from wagging tails.  Secondly, there are several holes for the smoke to go through, evenly disbursing and cooling the smoke off, providing a much nicer hit.


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