Professional Interpening Online

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[in-ter-pen-ing] verb.
The Art and Science of the Cannabis Sommelier
Interpening is a multilevel mastery certification in evaluating cannabis quality and determining psychotropic effects, regardless of strain names or hybridization.
The Professional Interpening course consists of an in-depth five-hour lecture discussing the topics below and more.  Be sure to take as many notes as you can so you’re prepared for the final exam!
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  • Interpening Origins
  • Interpeners and Sommeliers: Similarities and Differences
  • Cannabis Appellations, Terroir, and Typicity
  • Cannabis Origins, Evolution, Speciation, and Taxonomy
  • The Strain Name Dilemma:  Do strain names matter?
  • The Indica/Sativa Controversy
  • Cannabis Anatomy, Chemotype, Genotype, and Phenotype
  • Cannabis Chemistry:  Cannabinoids, Terpenes, and the Entourage Effect
  • The Broad to Narrow Leaf Spectrum of Effects
  • Quality: Evaluating the physical and aromatic characteristics of cannabis for unacceptable, acceptable, and perfect quality
  • Identifying Cannabis Flaws:  insects, mold, mildew, color, structure, ripeness, and many other factors to ensure safe consumption
  • Interpening Methodology:  Predicting the psychotropic effects of cannabis with three cranial nerves