Trichome Stimulus Package




In the matter of only a few days, the world completely changed because of COVID-19.   Cannabis is one of the main industries to be crippled by the market, but we all know that if we were able to persevere through decades of prohibition, we’re going to fight through this pandemic and end up even stronger than we started! 


People are quarantined all over the world and since so many of you will have a lot of time off work over the next couple of weeks, Trichome is here to help. 


From March 18th-26th, we are offering an online all access Trichome Stimulus Package at an incredibly affordable rate, for both individuals and groups. For only $203.19 USD, enrolled students will have access to all of our current and future online courses (5 total), for the entire year of 2020, instead of the normal six month access.


Trichome Stimulus Package Value:

Professional Interpening $249
Cannabis Products & Sales Training $199
Cannabis For All $49
Cannabis Consultant Training $249
Extraction & Concentrates $149
Total $895


What’s Currently Available?  Click each course to learn more! 

Professional Interpening

Cannabis Products & Sales Training

Cannabis For All


What’s being launched in 2020? 

In April 2020, we are releasing two new online courses, which will both be added to your account once they are released.


Cannabis Consultant Training: 

CCT significantly updates everything from the current Cannabis Products & Sales Training course, while expanding on many additional cannabis education topics.  CCT was created for industry professionals that work directly or indirectly with cannabis.  From dispensary staff, growers, cannabis chefs, and extractors, to legal, marketing, and packaging companies working with those directly involved with cannabis cultivation,  manufacturing, and sales, CCT institutes the industry standard for cannabis education. Everyone working in the cannabis industry needs to have the same foundational education in order for the cannabis economy to thrive sustainably for years to come.

What’s important to understand, is that It’s not just about your education, it’s about how YOU are able to educate your customers!

Retail Price: $249


Extraction & Concentrates:

E&C provides an in-depth understanding of the various extraction methods including CO2, Ethanol, Hydrocarbon, and solventless/mechanical extraction.  Taught by Murphy Murri of Sano Gardens in Denver, CO, E&C is ideal for anyone looking to dive into the world of cannabis extraction, labs and extraction companies in need of training, or advanced consumers that want to know more about the processes involved in making the concentrates they are consuming. 

Retail Price: $149


If you are already enrolled in any or all of our current online courses, this stimulus package is still in your favor since the total price of the new courses being launched in April is at least $398.  


No substitutes or refunds of previously purchased courses will be issued.  Online courses only. Books, tools, and physical shop items are not included.  No additional group discounts are available, no promo codes can be used in addition to the package price.  All-inclusive Access will expire January 1st, 2021.