True Terpenes Kit


The True Terpenes Sommelier Kit is an educational tool for cannabis enthusiasts, new users and long time connoisseurs. This is intended for aroma identification only and not for human consumption.

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Use True Terpenes Isolates to train your nose to identify the most common terpenes found in cannabis. You will be surprised how fun it can be to readily detect these incredibly influential aromatics in your favorite strains.

Great for dispensary staff, educators, cannabis patients and health care professionals. Show your friends, family, employees, and customers the impact these basic terpenes have on cannabis flavor, aroma and effect and watch their interest grow.  Note: This product is NOT for consumption. These are intended for aroma identification purposes only.

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Details on Terpenes Included:

Alpha Pinene
Earthy Pine & Cedar
Pain & Inflammation Relief,
Uplift, Energy & Focus.

Citrus & Tropical Fruits
Pain & Inflammation Relief,
Sleep Aid, Uplift & Calming.
Fresh Citrus & Lime
Inflammation Relief,
Sleep Aid, Focus & Calming.

Herbal Pine & Light Citrus
Calming & Sleep Aid.

Beta Caryophyllene
Woody Clove & Spice
Pain & Antifungal relief,
Calming, Focus & Uplift.

Floral Lavender & Lily
Pain & Inflammation Relief,
Sleep Aid, Uplift & Calming.