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    Matt JanowakMatt Jannabis

    Frost Finished Flower … similar concept to last-harvest grapes … maybe

    Last spring I was running low on tent space and needed to get rid of a plant.  It was already in bloom so I set it outside on the deck, just to see what would happen.

    It survived four days of highs in the 50/60’s and a low in the 20’s.  Only one good hard frost though.  I noticed the whole plant took on a lot of water, the bracts and sugar leaves swelled noticeably.  (tissue damage from cold? something else?)  Curious if anyone else has seen/heard/done something like this?

    It was harvested the day of the hard frost, did a quick 36 hr mechanical dry and then stuffed it in a jar.  Normal curing process … fluff it every day or two for a couple weeks … then let it sit.  And then, I forgot about it.

    Curious if anyone else has heard of anything this?

    Also, if you are wondering, I didn’t notice any major trichome loss from the night of frost.  Whatever there was, it paled in comparison to wind damage.  I’ll get the scopes out this weekend and take some pics.

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