Is it possible to get too high?

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    Micky AdamsMicky Adams

    I have never had issues smoking or taking cannabis in other ways, but I know some problems occur for people if they smoke too much. I know a person who gets very paranoid, and I know others who get anxiety and depression and other things.

    For the most part, marijuana isn’t bad. But, could someone get way too high from it?

    Brandon AllenBrandon Allen
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    Excellent question.  The answer is 100% YES.  Marijuana isn’t for everyone.  Now, that doesn’t mean that CANNABIS isn’t for everyone, but the intoxicating aspects of THC can definitely have negative side effects for some people.

    Think of it this way – some people are allergic to gluten, kiwi, eggplants, etc.  Now, that doesn’t mean gluten should be banned from the world and demonized, it just means that if you react negatively to it (like I do) then steer clear!

    I used to use marijuana every day.  I would get done work, light up a joint and take an edible at the same time.  By the time the joint started to wear off, the edible kicked it.  Talk about a sweet spot.  Unfortunately, a couple of years ago something changed.  I went from enjoying my high to suffering from severe anxiety, paranoia, and panic attacks.  Something changed… was it me, or the weed?  I have some theories.  Either way, I changed my cannabis use and now use potent CBD products and the occasional D8THC for an intoxicating effect.  Maybe someday I’ll change again and will get back to where I used to be.

    Check out this video on our YT channel about the side effects of cannabis – positive and negative.




Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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