Do you need any schooling to work in this industry?

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    Micky AdamsMicky Adams

    I know some people learn to grow cannabis on their own, but what about those who want to start their own dispensary or business off cannabis? You of course need to follow more rules and regulations when starting a dispensary, or so I imagine. With that all being said, do you think that people should get some form of schooling on cannabis before starting a dispensary or business around it?

    I think we all should learn everything that is needed. What do you think?

    Trevor JTrevor J

    I would recommend some schooling, or finding books/sources online on how to grow and cultivate. I know many people who never went to college and they are running their own shops. It really comes down to the fact of being able to pay your way into it. It costs a lot of money to start a cannabis shop. I know in some states that have since legalized it, that it can cost thousands of dollars to get set up, and that’s just for guidelines and stuff like that.


    Yes and no. Some people can learn it all on their own from guides or the internet. But, I think to get a job at dispensaries these days, or in the future, it may require a college degree or some kind of classes. Or at least some kind of schooling would help.

    Lydia MarquezLydia Marquez
    Certified InterpenerAll Courses Complete

    I feel that anyone going into this industry in any capacity needs to be educated in all things Cannabis. Especially if someone is looking to run their own shop they HAVE to be educated on Cannabis and how it works in our bodies. You can’t help anyone if you have no clue about the products. I work at a Hemp and CBD Dispensary and some people that they have hired have sales experience but have NO clue about Cannabis or what any of the products do. It makes me cringe! I thought I knew alot before taking the Trichome courses. I’m glad that I did cause I’m more knowledgeable, confident, and I am able to guide the customers to choose the best products for them. Education is KEY!

    Amanda BreezeAmanda Breeze
    Certified InterpenerAll Courses Complete

    I feel like this topic is so relevant right now. Many people are coming into the legal cannabis industry from the black market and many folks are entering from other sectors like health and business with no cannabis knowledge. To succeed in any industry you need the knowledge to back it up. Taking certifications and classes is a great way to learn about the plant- but dont underestimate the value of being self-taught! Because of the crossover from illegal to legal lots of people will NOT have a “formal cannabis education”, so don’t feel pressured to invest in certifications, and college classes.¬†From what I’ve seen at dispensaries there is some job training available and I have also learned SO MUCH from my peers and colleagues.

    With that said, we are on the Trichome website. I come from the black market and still learned a lot of interesting and valuable information from the classes available here. If you’re completely new I do recommend checking out some of the Trichome intro classes, they will give you a good knowledge base and confidence to enter the industry.

    Like Lydia said…Education is KEY. So whether its self taught or paid programs is up to you- and how you learn best!

    Todd GalczykTodd Galczyk
    Certified InterpenerModeratorAll Courses Complete

    I have 0 professional experience in the industry but thanks to my Knowledge and education I am a sought after consultant… I have worked with many big names and am helping to get a dispensary open on the east coast…

    Education is the MOST important piece of qualifying material… Because many of these companies opening, the operators dont have the necessary experience.

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