How much do dispensary staff & budtenders usually make?

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    How much would you guys say they make in a year, for people working in dispensaries or working in the industry in general? I Imagine the weed business pays pretty well, especially with how profitable it has become since it’s being legalized mostly everywhere now.

    Amanda BreezeAmanda Breeze
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    In Ontario, most Budtenders are being paid around minimum wage- which is $14.50. I heard one of the shops was paying 17$. Some shops still allow tips that can add up.

    There is a new organization building momentum here called United Weed Workers ( They are advocating for budtenders, and cannabis agricultural workers to unionize for fair wages and basic workers’ rights. The UWW chapter in Ontario was actually started because one of our legal shops didn’t have a fire extinguisher- which is illegal in any business in Canada. The bossman refused to buy one and meet the basic fire codes and the workers unionized. They successfully got their wages raised as well- to $22 I’m pretty sure. This early in the legal market, I think it’s a smart move to organize workers. It also reflects well on the brands that support unionizing.

    Personally I think all retail workers should be paid more than minimum wage- but in the legal cannabis market here we KNOW these companies are making BANK. Agricultural workers and Budtenders should all have wages that reflect the money this industry brings in.

    Dina BoebelDina Boebel

    I am in Maryland.  Average is about $15 an hour.  But it depends on the area.  And the training….because I have the certifications from Trichome Institute and a few others, I started out at $17.

    Bo LambBo Lamb

    I manage a Rec Shop in Washington State and I make 65K per year. On average my Budtenders make anywhere from $15.00-$18.50 an hour. It isn’t hard to excel in the Cannabis Industry if you take it seriously, study, show genuine compassion for patients and rec customers alike, and work hard. I started as a Budtender at my store about 4 1/2 years ago, and was promoted to Manager in March of 2020!

    Todd GalczykTodd Galczyk
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    15-16 an hour here in PA… Let Recreation hit and get some more shops in town and It should become more of a possibility for people to actually enter the industry and make 50+k a year. We need less corporate Canna out here

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