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    Amanda BreezeAmanda Breeze
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    Hi folks,
    Writing to you from Toronto, Canada.

    I still work in the “grey” market so I only buy dispensary cannabis when I want to try something new.
    of the last 5 jars I’ve bought, I found MOLD or powder mildew.

    Have any of you had returns? or complaints? I never hear about them, and I feel like I cannot be the only person finding moulds!

    *sorry for the interchangeable spelling – Americans spell it MOLD and Canadians spell it the British way with extra vowels. Also in Ontario you cant see the cannabis before you buy it. It comes in thse matte black plastic containers

    Max MontroseMax Montrose
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    Hi Amanda
    I see mold from time to time in legal dispensaries in the states. The regulated and mandated lab testing requires mold testing but doesn’t require looking for the types of molds that commonly affect cannabis like powdery mildew. Instead, they are looking for things that are rarely ever found on cannabis like salmonella or e-coli. I have looked into the regulations of being able to return products but I know it’s rare yet some states allow it and on particular things like Vape carts. You can’t take back the oil if you don’t like it, but if you were sold a bunk leaky cartridge, that you can take back, sort of thing.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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