What happened to buying weed deli-style?

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    Brandon AllenBrandon Allen
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    One of my favorite things as a kid was getting a free slice of American Cheese at the deli whenever I went grocery shopping with my mom. One of my favorite things as an adult was being able to pick out the weed I wanted out of a big ball jar at a dispensary!

    For those of you who don’t know, deli-style refers to being able to select the cannabis flower you want from a bulk container, rather than purchasing prepackaged grams, eighths, quarters, etc. I’m not sure if that’s the official industry description, but Max has always described it as deli-style, which I dig… because of cheese memories.

    Anyway, I’m sure there are still some states or dispensaries that allow this, but many are shifting away from this kind of dispensary experience. As an Interpener, when I noticed this happening in certain dispensaries in California, I got really frustrated because I wanted to be able to evaluate the flower I was getting before I made my purchase. With beer, wine, and distilleries, you can “sample” the product before you buy a glass, and I know that’s not possible with cannabis, but I at least want to be able to smell it and give it a quick visual evaluation, even if it’s with the naked eye and not a loop.

    Since many places are nixing how many of us are used to buying weed, I came up with a new process that I wanted to share, get your feedback on, and see if y’all have any other tips to make this better.

    If you can’t smell or evaluate what you’re buying:

    1. Do your best to evaluate any flower that is on display in a container. You can still determine a lot through a jar or clear bag. It may be a bit different than what you actually buy, but you can still get an idea of the overall structure and trichome density. The last MedMen I was at in the San Diego area was using smokus containers, so at least there was some kind of magnification to work with, which was helpful.

    2. Some display containers have holes in them so you can smell the flower. Considering the weedy smell in a dispensary and the fact that you have no idea how long that flower has been on display, under bright lights, degrading the terpenes – if you get a jar that still smacks you in the face – you’ve got a winner!

    3. Only buy a gram of flower at a time until you know the producer makes good quality. Seriously, looks can be deceiving, same with company “popularity”, so don’t buy a lot until you know they are good. Buy a gram, then an eighth, make sure it’s consistent, and then feel free to buy in bulk from there on out.

    4. Try several different brands across the spectrum of bottom to top-shelf. There are plenty of new brands or brands that just have shit marketing, that have amazing quality cannabis. I’ve witnessed the transition of a no-name brand with amazing quality work their way into popularity, but with a lower quality product.

    5. If you get flower home only to find out that it’s not ideal, then save it to make edibles! The terpenes don’t matter with digestion as they do via inhalation, so if it doesn’t seem great to smoke, just eat it and get those cannabinoids!

    Let me know if y’all have any other tips, especially for new people who aren’t interpeners!?

    Arianne RichardsArianne

    I hate that I can’t see my product before buying here in Illinois! All I can do is buy small and hope that same batch is there if I want more.

    Brianna AndersonBrianna Anderson

    I really appreciate these tips (especially #1). I haven’t been too selective with my purchases in the past and definitely regret it.

    Danielle KobularcikDanielle Kobularcik

    Missouri doesn’t do the “deli style” as far as I know. It’s unfortunate, especially if you’d like to inspect your flower to Interpener standards. Some dispensaries have little “smell jars” but like Chef said, it really depends on how long said flower has been exposed to lighting and whatnot.

    Kansas recently pushed some legislation through the house, so it is moving toward the senate. The details on dispensary rules are unclear as of yet, but I’m part of the KSCBA so I’m hopeful I’ll get some inside info ASAP.

    Brianna AndersonBrianna Anderson

    Oooh @Danielle please keep us posted!

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