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    Kenneth Tiger MacKenneth Tiger Mac

    Hey trichome, I was wondering what strains do you enjoy the most. There are so many different buds out there and I would like to know what are some strains that stand out the most for budtenders. Recently I’ve been enjoying the MAC#1 as a good everyday smoke. As for something truly unique I recommend trying out the tropicana cookies.

    Amanda BreezeAmanda Breeze
    Certified InterpenerAll Courses Complete

    I have so many favourite strains but HANDS-DOWN actual heirloom Blue Dream is my freaking favourite. The super sugary candy store aroma and the way the untrimmed flowers look like a new year’s eve party.
    Its the best.

    When I worked at a dispensary I noticed a lot of trends in cannabis- like for a while the Blue strains were the most popular, then the Pinks which was surprising.. In Ontario the most popular strains are from Craft grows right now. The big hype is Canvas Cannabis strain Animal Face- although I did find some powder mildew in the bag I purchased so dont believe the hype ;(

    Lydia MarquezLydia Marquez
    Certified InterpenerAll Courses Complete

    MAC 1 is a good one and so is Blue Dream. Haven’t tried those other ones. I have many favorites but my all time favorites are Jack Herer and White Widow. Last night I had Platinum Kush and O M G! It was so good and so stinky! lol I fell asleep nicely!

    Vincent NelsonVincent Nelson

    I can’t say favorite strain because I have favorites for different things. For example Rugburn OG is my #1 for a hard hitting strain with crazy skunky and burnt rubber or diesel flavor. Kosher Kush is by far my favorite relaxing and sleeping strain. Older haze varietals which are less poly-hybridized are my favorites for uplifting happy but relaxed highs. Last but not least there is the real OG Kush and some of the closer crosses like the flower bomb Kush. In general though keep in mind that strain name is rarely reliable unless the genetics were received from a reputable breeder and they were grown properly and either way there will be a wide variety of experiences with the same strain even grown by the same grower depending innumerous factors. Every time you enjoy cannabis its a new experience even if its the same strain by the same grower in the same jar the next bud is the next adventure.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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