Thoughts on edibles vs. smoking? Which one is better?

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    Sandy Y.Sandy Y.

    I’ve recently started experimenting with edibles (as opposed to smoking). Curious to know if one form of cannabis has better health benefits over the other?

    Tony PrestiTony Presti

    The health benefits of marijuana are (at least for me) primarily stress relief; although there are dozens of pharma companies working on how to leverage CBD for everything from taming inflammation to living a longer life. The only way to know which has more benefit to you is to give it a go!

    Meghan MarieMeghan420

    It’s all going to depend on the person. I can take a low dose edible and be completely functional, but without back pain. But if I smoke or use a vape pen, I get too high, regardless of the size of the hit. My sister is the complete opposite, so you just gotta figure it out.

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    Terena RustmanTerena Rustman

    Of course inhaling smoke into your lungs is not healthy. Most edibles are not healthy either. If it is a health reason, I would recommend capsules. You will have an effect like edibles, skip the extra foods, and skip inhaling smoke. I have smoked for 20 years and even my doctors have said that smoking is the only negative part of using cannabis.

    Daniel CantuDaniel

    also vaping is way safer than smoking, ive seen some good flower vape pens that are awesome! my best so far ive tried is the magnum3 from

    Sandy Y.Sandy Y.

    I like the idea of capsules – as if it’s a pill you’re getting from the doctor! They make ones with both CBD and Cannabis, right? What kind of ratio is best for recreational use and then for medical? What’s the difference?


    Morgan SeamanMorgan Seaman

    Regarding consumption methods, in the experimental phase of cannabis usage (just beginning with low tolerance) the recommended consumption pathway is inhalation. This will allow the consumer immediate feedback (within 2-10 minutes) on how the cannabinoids, terpenoids and flavonoids interact with their specific ECS (Endocannabinoid System). The state where I live, Kansas, has just sent a Medical Marijuana bill to the state senate this past session. There is language in the bill which prohibits the ‘smoking or vaping of cannabis’ and only allows for tinctures, topics and edibles.

    In the case that you are unable to (or dislike to) consume via inhalation, sublingual tinctures are the second best route.

    Hope this helped out!


    I prefer vape for cleaner feeling and taste. It’s easier to control and experiment with flower. Concentrates themselves don’t give me the effects i look for. Now for edibles, though are unstable for me most of the time i actually have found cannabis in almond/peanut butter to be the most mellow edible experience. Most likely because nuts take a long time to break down so maybe a slower time release? My body burns through sugar and sweets too fast to enjoy them like dessert. I use for anxiety and it helps me focus on my day to day tasks. All that being said, my opinion would be that ‘healthier consumption’ is through vape or protein based edibles. It really depends on how you respond to other products.

    Brandon AllenBrandon Allen
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    I think the reason protein/fat-rich edibles work differently for people is because of the bioavailability of the cannabinoids since they are suspended in fat. I read a study a while back that showed an increased bioavailability of cannabinoids that were suspended in fat (olive oil I believe). You’re also going to have a higher amount of nutrient absorption when eating/drinking fatty foods and beverages.

    This is the whole idea behind keto fat coffee. The higher fat allows better absorption of the compounds found in coffee.

    Anyone who is juicing cannabis leaves should be blending them with fat before they drink it. You need a TON of leaves to make a significant amount of juice, and you can increase the dose just by adding fat. I’m a bit skeptical about the leaves being super beneficial due to the ridiculously low bioavailability of the nutrients TBH. I think most people drinking the leaves are also smoking or eating edibles, which will have a much more significant benefit than juicing the leaves that only have really low doses of acid cannabinoids, minimal terpenes, and is mostly chlorophyll and flavonoids.

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