What are the best strains for anxiety?

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    Tony PrestiTony Presti

    Okay, so long story short, 4 years ago I had my first and last encounter with cannabis. The reason why it was my last is because I ended up having a mild panic attack. It was a super uncomfortable experience and put me off to the entire thing. BUT, I’m starting to become open again to trying out different strains for hopefully a better/less anxious experience. Hit me with your best recs!

    Kevin Vaughansportykev3

    It’s really unfortunate that anyone has had a bad experience with cannabis but it does happen (and more often than people think). I don’t think some people are predisposed to having negative experiences with weed. I would point the finger squarely at the educational processes around cannabis (JuSt SaY… mayBE?). Chances are probably pretty good that whoever you had your canna-experience with was not very well versed in the possible effects and you probably also didn’t know how much THC was in whatever it was you consumed. The last thing I’d say is that the type of high you experience is dependent in many ways on the “mood” you’re in when you partake.

    Meghan MarieMeghan420

    Sorry you had a bad experience, but it makes the case for greater awareness of all things cannabis – it matters where it came from, it matters what it “is” and it matter how it is used. If you roll into a situation where you don’t know any of it, you could easily end up on the floor – or breathing in and out of a paper bag to calm down.

    William BiggsWilliam Biggs
    Certified InterpenerModerator

    So pertaining to your last experience set and setting are important that being said everyone is different and everyone’s body reacts differently to everything. Now when it comes down to what “strains” would be best to combat anxiety you’re going to want to look for a cultivar that leans more towards the broad leaf side of the spectrum BLMs (Broad Leaf Marijuana formally known as indica) tend to have more terpens that don’t promote anxiety.

    Brianna AndersonBrianna Anderson

    Disclaimer: I am by NO means an expert.But… I also have general anxiety disorder and for years I struggled to find a strain that didn’t cause me to ruminate and stress. I tried the strain ACDC a few months ago and it has been a complete game-changer. I just feel like I’m in a great headspace without any anxious highs. Maybe give that strain a try? More info here: https://www.leafly.com/strains/acdc

    Kat LynnKat Y.

    I’m not entirely sure what strains go into this product but one of the best cannabis products I’ve tried for my anxiety has been thc and/or cbd infused bath salts.

    Baths alone are a great way to relax and release anxious thoughts – adding infused bath salts was a game changer for me personally. Not only does it calm my anxiety but it also helps my chronic pain.

    Here’s what I thought was a good review of using these salts. 🙂

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