Black Market Weed Keeps Legal Prices High

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    Tony PrestiTony Presti

    Here in Illinois, weed prices are out of control – unless you’re getting your goods from the black market!

    Canna-industry research firm Frontier Data recently released a report estimating that black market weed sales will top $2.2 BILLION in 2021. And they aren’t alone – another cannabis research outfit, BDSA, predicted more than $1.7 billion in illegal sales.

    Here’s the question: is black market weed keeping legal prices high in your area?

    Brandon AllenBrandon Allen
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    I was living in CA when they went rec. Many people that I knew that had grows, extraction labs, or edible manufacturing businesses, were being shut down. They couldn’t afford all the legal and licensing fees, or were just slammed by all the red tape.

    A lot of them kept producing and shifted back, or into for the first time, to the black market.

    When you buy weed that says $40 and end up spending $55-60, there’s a big fucking problem. I don’t know anything else that’s taxed this terribly aside from capital gains.

    It’s disgusting that after years of putting people in jail for weed, which is profitable, now these states are taxing the shit out of ganaja, and making a buttload off of it……. what are they doing with this money?

    Todd GalczykTodd Galczyk
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    The price of the legal market is ridiculous and with the product and quality coming out of PA’s medical market… The Black Market here will thrive until prices drop and real quality improves.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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