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    Lee MoL420

    Curious to hear what cannabis stocks you all are following. Tilray and Canopy are some of the big names that get a lot of attention. Are there any other companies on your watchlists?

    Tony PrestiTony Presti

    I’ll second the nod to Tilray; I’ve been watching Aurora Cannabis (NASDAQ: ACB) for some time but have gotten some mixed reviews as it hasn’t had much of a run the last six months compared to others. I’d watch out for Cresco too!

    J CJon Clark

    As an investor who loves dividend paying stocks the most, I’d automatically recommend Altria Group (MO), Scotts (SMG), AbbVie (ABBV). I don’t have Scotts, but I do own Altria and AbbVie, both of which have a dividend yield of over 4%.

    I always recommend dividend stocks first since they pay you back and that’s always a good feeling.

    Agree that Tilray and Canopy are good to watch. Aurora Cannabis and Cronos Group are also ones to keep an eye one. For the really cheap option Neptune Wellness Solutions is probably considered the best under 2-3 dollar option because of the various offerings that they have.

    Thomas FerrenceTDB

    I have a friend that’s been buying into Curaleaf and says it’s doing well. Unfortunately I personally don’t know much about the stock market. Just thought I’d throw it out there. Might be worth a look.

    Todd GalczykTodd Galczyk
    Certified InterpenerModeratorAll Courses Complete

    TRSSF, MSOS are my picks. In this downturn anything US MSO that’s positive will be good(TCNNF, TRSSF, GTBIF, CURLF, MSOS) . The Canadian players I have stopped even considering honestly. Our old company followed canopy from its inception along with aurora and the rest. Have long since unfollowed myself.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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