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    Micky AdamsMicky Adams

    I want to start making cannabis butter or cannabutter for short, and was curious if you guys have different recipes I can try out? Maybe some mixed with other ingredients to make it taste different and maybe better? I’m open to trying as many recipes as I can get. I want to find the best tasting option for me.


    Lydia MarquezLydia Marquez
    Certified InterpenerAll Courses Complete

    Hi Micky!

    I use my LEVO II to make my butter. I saw a hack on YouTube where you can use more flower. If you decide on a LEVO I can always share my hack with you later. What I usually do is decarb 7g per cups of butter that I am using. Once its decarbed I add the soft/melted butter along with 1 tbsp of Organic Sunflower Lecithin, and then infuse everything for for a about 2 1/2hrs at 175 degrees F, and BOOM! You have Cannabutter.

    The Sunflower Lecithin acts as an emulsifier, for example, it helps the oil-based cannabutter containing THC, CBD, and other compounds adhere to the water-based sugar and cocoa when making brownies or cakes and thereby prevent crumbling. Extend Shelf Life. Lecithin inhibits fat and water segregation. It supposedly makes you feel the THC more so you don’t have to take as much.

    I know I didn’t give much of a recipe, but I hope this helps. Happy Medicating!

    Amanda BreezeAmanda Almeida
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    Im kind of old school I still use my slow cooker or a double boil. But a trick I picked up a few years ago is doing a “wash”. I prefer coconut oil over butter- because I dont like the smell of warm butter wafting around my apartment for hours. When working with the coconut oil I use Hempster Edible Calculator to get my proportions and dosage. Then I add the coconut oil, and decarboxylated flower to my slow cooker. But I add a few cups of water. The cannabinoids bind to the fat (coconut oil) not the water bc they are not water-soluble. But what the water does is “wash” out some of the green colour and the sort of metallic flavour that cannabis has. after 6 hours I separate the plant matter with cheesecloth and pour the water/oil mix into a bowl. I set it in the fridge for a few hours, and the oil cools,  separates, and hardens on top of the water into a solid. (water and oil don’t mix + coconut oil is solid when cold). Pour the water down the sink. and the coconut oil is infused and ready to go! This does NOT work with liquid oils or butter. 

    You can “wash” the infused oil a second time. Add more water and the solid oil puck to the slow cooker, let it melt for like an hour, back in the bowl, back in the fridge, pour out water when its solid. Any more than 2-3 washes the coconut oil begins to get kind of grainy and loses its textural integrity.

    I remelt the coconut oil and pour it into mini muffin tins. So it’s portioned out. ALSO, I make it crazy strong so i only need one puck to infuse a whole batch of cookies. It’s the easiest way to infuse any normal recipe because you don’t have to change it at all. The extra tbsp of oil won’t affect the recipe, and you don’t have to do weird math every time you want to dose something.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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