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    Brandon AllenBrandon Allen
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    Hey, y’all! Chef Brandon Allen here.

    I just wanted to get this discussion subforum started by letting everyone know that we recently partnered with the American Culinary Federation and are co-producing a cooking with cannabis course. Those who complete the course will receive a certificate of completion, by Trichome and the ACF. The course will also provide CE credits to those who are members of the ACF.

    I’m beyond excited about this! I can’t think of any better way to normalize cannabis, than through food!

    As of now, I have the first draft manuscript of the book completed, which is the guide to the course itself. The plan as of now is to film the course this August and have it online sometime in the fall. Definitely launching by the end of the year! The book will be released a few months after the course.

    I’m going to be posting quite a bit on this subforum because there are a few topics and procedures that have plenty of room for interpretation, so I’ll definitely be looking for your feedback, guidance, and creative input!

    Keep in mind, that the course and book aren’t being created to teach you how to COOK. It’s to teach you how to COOK WITH CANNABIS. Regardless of your dietary restrictions or preferences with food, everything you learn can be put to use in your kitchen, with nearly any ingredient!

    Stay tuned, folks!

    Lydia MarquezLydia Marquez
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    This sounds amazing! I’m looking forward to this.

    Captain HooterCaptain Hooter
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    So awesome… I can’t wait!

    Amanda BreezeAmanda Breeze
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    Ok, so this is awesome!! I have to know if you will include cooking “WITH CANNABIS” as in the water/fan leaves. (Including but not exclusively juicing)

    I’ve been working on an article about it since I heard a mega-canna-corp call the fan leaves a superfood. I have found some online resources but they are VERY generic, and more clickbait than actual facts on the edibility. I would love to know everyone’s opinion on this!! I managed to find a couple of herbalists and a nutritionist who passed on a couple of recipes for fan leaves (including a pesto). But I would love to get some ACTUAL information on how easily the young fan leaves are digested, and with what information are they being labelled a “superfood”.

    I’ve been creating recipies for them similar to any other fibrous wild green (mustard garlic for example). But just wanted to highlight the lack of information in the industry in cooking with cannabis NOT just cooking with cannabinoids.

    Avonlea SchoenebergAvonlea Schoeneberg

    Okay, this sounds great!!!

    Lara Halllaradhall

    I would love to make a career doing this.

    Kristie VinopollKristie Vinopoll

    Just watched the intro webinar in ACF site! Its how I found you 🙂

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