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    Ducksfoot Cannabis 

    Ducks foot cannabis duck foot cannabis Most people who know of a strain called Ducksfoot assume every Ducksfoot is the same strain, but that likely isn’t the case. “Ducksfoot” is a type of mutation within a few specific strains. The mutation was first described by Walter Scott Malloch in 1922 in the Journal of Heredity:

    This mutant is a simple leafed form which appeared in a strain of Ferramington (Hemp from Italy). Instead of having the normal digitate leaf usually found in hemp, the mutant is characterized by a palmately cleft leaf as shown in Figure 20. The leaflets of the normal digitate leaf appear to have grown together as the normal number of midribs is present with an equal number of lobes. There is usually an unequal growth of tissue between the midribs which results in excess leaf surface thus causing a folded and wavy appearance of the leaf.

    Ducks foot cannabis duck foot cannabis Journal of Heredity

    The technical term for the leaf webbing, palmately lobed, means resembling a hand; specifically, the lobes all radiate from one point. In other words, cannabis plants with this mutation do not have a separation between the “leaf fingers.” Instead they appear to be webbed like a duck’s foot. There is a lot of hearsay history claiming Ducksfoot originated in Australia like ABC. This is likely due to a breeder from Australia named “Wally Duck” who is known for breeding the strain. Yet there are other webbed or palmate leaf types such as “Hawian Webbed Indica” and “Patte Concord.”

    Ducksfoot cannabis duck foot cannabis We know the Ferramington strain of hemp mentioned in the 1922 article contained the recessive mutation or the webbed leaf and was “bred by Lyster Dewey, starting in 1916. The parent lines were Kymington (a selection of ‘Minnesota No. 8’ bred by Mr. Dewey beginning in 1914) and the landrace from Ferrara, Italy” (Cannabismutations.blogspot). It is highly possible the webbing we see in the marijuana strain Ducksfoot came from a hemp plant originating in Italy that was crossed with other varieties for research in the US in the early 1900’s.

    Malloch, Walter Scott “Value of the Hemp Plant for Investigating Sex Inheritance,” Journal of Heredity, Volume 13, Issue 6, June 1922, Pages 277–283,


    By Max Montrose: “I hope you learned something knew” @max.montrose & #weedbetter

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