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    Below is the official press release of the Hemp Flower Interpening Kit in partnership with Project Hemp Flower.

    We are super excited to utilize federally legal hemp flower as an interpening training tool. Each variety is lab tested (including heavy metals) and then given a quality assessment grade with an interpening TAG report.

    There are two primary purposes for the kit. The first is to utilize hemp flower as a training guide for interpening both HEMP and MARIJUANA. The second is to provide you with some amazingly high-quality hemp flower, that you can be confident smoking or vaporizing. The kit includes COAs, TAG reports, 3 eighths of hemp flower, and a getting started guide with video instructions.


    Trichome Institute Strengthens Partnership with Project Hemp Flower

    Denver, CO – March 2020 – Trichome Institute, a cannabis education company that helps its clients elevate their cannabis knowledge, announced today that it has partnered with Project Hemp Flower. This cooperation is vital to our success by providing consumers in all states with the highest quality hemp flower as a training aid to its flagship training program, Interpening.

    “We set out to curate the finest smokable hemp in the industry and quickly realized Project Hemp Flower provides this valuable service and does it better than we could have dreamed” says Brandon Allen, Trichome’s director of product development.

    “Mastering Interpening requires the fine tuning of all senses” says Trichome founder and president, Max Montrose. “The online course was missing live flower analysis due to the inability to ship marijuana through the mail. That quickly changed when we were introduced to Project hemp Flower. Both teams worked tirelessly to select the finest hemp varieties that fit the visual, olfactory and flavor profile needed for this specific training”.

    About Trichome Institute
    The Trichome Institute, with headquarters in Denver and Virginia Beach, provides books, interactive tools, and training courses to the cannabis industry.

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