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    Angela MattinglyAngela Mattingly

    Challenged to locate strain eval. info. for at least 30% (packaged name labeled for dispensaries).   Seems too high of a %.    Recommend for alternative access to strain  to internet searches and non-cohesive apps.  Admittedly my conquest for  data, tables, & stats may annoy.    Pref. exportable for fun graphs.

    This all exist yes,  scattered amongst many sources lacking in one area including industry specific proprietary retail versions (and overkill for non commercial use)

    Help? What, where including; strain characteristics, chemo-type, & terp profile in addition the ability to log user experience with photo and notes. Does this exists in two sources?  Please share your recommendations and assistance.  Willing to pay reasonable fees to avoid “reinventing the wheel” (yuck data entry & app devel).

    Matt JanowakMatt Jannabis

    Angela, are you pulling from any open sources of data?  If so, what/where?

    You might want to look into some of the regulated laboratory facilities.  Many of them post test results on their websites.  That might give you a data set to start playing with.  I’m not sure I understand your end goal though.

    Are you trying to create a DB of individual cultivars, along with availability, from competing dispensaries?

    Angela MattinglyAngela Mattingly

    Thanks for the tip.  Good info. to obtain.  Seeking any basic strain info. I am often presented with eight strain names for a choice of two to examine.   Its often I’m unable to find anything.. as if it’s not a real name, but it is.  OH Strain Names!

    For example recently presented with the below.  One from a dispensary and one from a well established private cultivator.

    Mach1, Private Fire

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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