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    Alice Toklasunlucky dreamer

    Not sure if this question belongs here… but I’m a newish mom to a 2 year old and he’s at that age where he’s very inquisitive. I like to smoke during my “me time” and don’t want my baby smelling the weed on me once I’m done. What are some tried and true ways of eliminating weed smell?

    Sandy Y.Sandy Y.

    Oh I’ve been there. Veteran mommy of 3 here (ages 10-15). My kinds definitely know what weed smells like and I’ve definitely become skilled at hiding it from them. I always use a sploof. Basically it’s a container that you can blow smoke into to neutralize the smell. Pretty easy to make, here’s a good how-to:

    William BiggsWilliam Biggs
    Certified InterpenerModerator

    I agree, very effective.

    Duke Austin RosinDuke Austin Rosin

    Check out skunk 420, it is a neutralizing spray that works really well. I get it off of Amazon.


    I also recommend making/using a sploof! Like Sandy mentioned, it’s super easy to make.

    Meghan MarieMeghan420

    Ohh I just added the skunk 420 neutralizing spray to my Amazon cart!! Awesome reco – thank you!

    Trevor JTrevor J

    I’ve smoked all of my life and never heard of a sploof before. So doing this to curb the weed smell in my home. I don’t have kids at the moment, but I could sure use the help masking the weed. I do bring people over often, and some of them aren’t fans of weed, so I need to keep the smell out somehow. Thanks a ton for sharing!

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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