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    Tony PrestiTony Presti

    A new cannabis product caught my attention recently and I absolutely have to know what others think. It’s not technically a weed gadget or cannabis gizmo per se, but Canna Bumps, a “snortable” powdered cannabis concentrate that is packaged to look like cocaine, is being positioned by its creators as an alternative to other formats. As you might imagine, the initial launch a few weeks ago was met with a fair balance of curiosity and ridicule. The question I have is whether there’s enough of a market for a snortable format to thrive or if it’s best considered nothing more than an incredibly clever novelty?


    Definitely a novelty — it sounds almost as ridiculous to me as snortable beer. No thanks — I’ll stick to edibles and vapes!

    Meghan MarieMeghan420

    Why – just why?? Snorting cannabis sounds like it would give me the anxiety I am trying to reduce by using cannabis in the first place. LOL

    Chad RoegerChad Roeger

    My concern is that turning cannabis into a powdered drug will do more harm to the general public’s perception of cannabis. Some people have kicked hard drugs with the help of cannabis and I wonder if this new form could hit a little too close to the ways of their old addictions. In a nation where we are finally making gains into cannabis research and legalization, having it look like cocaine seems counter-productive.

    Kevin Vaughansportykev3

    My thoughts exactly.

    The beauty of cannabis use is the experience itself — how relaxing it is. With a snortable format like that, it feels…rushed??

    Brandon AllenBrandon Allen
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    I mean… I’d try it lol

    Andrew SweetnichAndrew Sweetnich
    Certified Interpener

    I honestly am against snortable cannabis, we are trying to change the image consumers and critics see the Marijuana industry and I do not think this is the way to go. Honestly hope it dies out and does not become a thing

    Angela MattinglyAngela Mattingly

    Wooah just 3 days ago was challenged recreate snort-able by a nano oil producer friend after presenting a comical question on snorting honey for allergies.  I laughed “Canna-Bump?  That’s not a real product?”   Suspect it sublingual functions the same for the product.   Who wants to play lab rat 🙂

    Drug store purchase: I was taken back the first time I noticed BC powder (pain powder packets) at the store.   Out of curiosity purchased some to test in topical.  Its an oddly packaged product.




Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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