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    Terry BriggsTerry Briggs

    While reviewing the “Joints” section of the “Weed for all” training, I had a flashback to somewhere in 1976. We were having a joint rolling competition while listening to the Kraftwerk Radioactivity album cranked through some large Cerwin Vega home speakers. My how the times have changed for rolling a joint.

    Brandon AllenBrandon Allen
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    I’ve always been terrible at rolling joints.  I think at one period in my life, somewhere around my early 20’s, I was decent at it, but would still experience canoeing every couple of joints.

    I was a foil bowl kind of kid haha.  The first handful of times I ever smoked was ditch weed out of a foil bowl that I formed with a Bic pen.  I remember the first time hitting a proper bowl, thinking, wow this taste a lot better and it’s smoother.  My first bong experience was like drinking the elixir of life it was so smooth lol.

    Sometimes I think back to the terrible things I’ve done to my body and wonder how I’m still around…

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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