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    Has anyone watched this YouTube series with pothead & comedian Doug Benson? He hasn’t made an episode of the show in over a year now I think, but he would have guests on every day or once or twice a week, and they would smoke. This was before anything was legalized, at least to my knowledge.

    Anyway, did you guys watch this show? I hope it comes back soon. I assume it went dark because of Covid mostly.


    I remember that show. He had mostly comedians on his show, but I think he had all kinds of guests. I hope he comes back with the show, because I had a fun time watching that.

    Any idea if it’s ever coming back?

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    Thanks for this! I had no idea and just looked it up and subscribed to his channel. I look forward to watching while medicating!


    It’s a lot of fun, especially when he gets comedians on there. I remember when he had Jack Black on there, Jack Black was having a bad trip or something, as he didn’t talk as much, and I remember him kind of hugging himself a lot.

    But yeah, he has comedians, actors, etc.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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