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    Stoner Spellcasting for the Spooky Season!!

    I thought you folks would enjoy my most recent article for HighMoonMagazine! Check out the link or read below!

    Mirror Mirror on the Wall, Who is the Highest of Them All? 

    Cannabis has always been a magickal ingredient associated with potions, witches brews, flying ointments, and spellcasting. In 1615 hemp was considered the main ingredient in elixirs used by devil followers. Many believed it helped witches fly with demons on hemp broomsticks, which brings a whole new meaning to the name Devil’s Lettuce. Still, Cannabis was well-established in various occult magical texts of the 16th and 17th centuries for its use in conjuring and invocation rituals with magic mirrors!


    The Book of Magic, written in 1547, is a catalog of spells, invocations, summonings, and herbal recipes. It says to “Anoint thee with the Joice of Cannabus and the Joice of the Archangel [Datura] and before a mirror of steel call spirits and thou shalt see them and have the power to bind and loose them.” Cannabis elixirs and magical mirrors were considered an established ritual for invocation at that time.


    Known as captromancy, it is an art of divination that induces trance-like states by gazing deeply into a mirror. The knowledge seeker would consume a cannabis elixir then stare into the mirror under low illumination or candlelight. People claim to see visions, spirits, relatives who have passed on, animals, and strange faces. Some were able to tap into astral magic and discover secrets of their conscious and unconscious selves.


    Traditionally the invoker would smoke hashish or drink cannabis-infused wine, though some rituals suggest using a topical ointment over the entire body. However, a smoking blend containing cannabis flowers will also work. Illuminate your mirror with a soft candle or lamplight. Gaze into your face for a few minutes to produce new perceptions and seemingly conjure images from your deeper self.

    #StonerSpellcasting #SpookySeason


    Check out Chris Bennett’s book Liber 420: Cannabis, Magickal Herbs, and the Occult for amazing insights and historical details of Cannabis and Magick!


    Amanda Breeze


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