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The graph below shows the different metabolites of THC after being inhaled from a joint. 

THC: This is Delta-9-THC, meaning the THC is decarboxylated, allowing you to feel high. Since it’s being lit on fire and inhaled, it’s found in the blood nearly immediately after consumption.

11-0H-THC: 11-Hydroxy-THC is often only discussed with edibles, but this metabolite is found in the blood after inhaling THC as well. It’s just at much lower concentrations than with an edible or orally consumed THC product.

THC-COOH:  This is the inactive metabolite with no intoxicating effect and is searched for with drug tests.

The second graph shows the time to effect for cannabis consumed via inhalation, intravenously, and orally. We always recommend that new cannabis consumers begin with flower first (or vape pens) because the effects are nearly immediate and diminish the fastest. Be sure to encourage your customers who start with inhalation so they can control their intake by taking tiny hits. 



Additional Resources

Interpening is best described as the “Cannabis Sommelier”.  The online course teaches you how to identify flower quality and predict the psychotropic effects based on physical and aromatic evaluation.  The course dives deep into cannabis taxonomy, speciation, spectrum of effects, elements of good and bad quality flower, what really determines the potency of flower, why lab test don’t determine quality, and so much more.  Whether you work in the industry and want to better understand the intricacies of cannabis, or you’re simply a connoisseur, Interpening is the best educational program there is on truly understanding cannabis flower.


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