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The first ever multilevel cannabis sommelier certification program.


[In-ter-pen-ing], verb.
The Art and Science of the Cannabis Sommelier: evaluating flower for total quality control, psychotropic effects, and variety type designation.

Professional Interpening Online

The Professional Interpening course consists of an in-depth five-hour lecture discussing the topics below and more.

    • Interpening Origins
    • Interpeners and Sommeliers: Similarities and Differences
    • Cannabis Appellations, Terroir, and Typicity
    • Cannabis Origins, Evolution, Speciation, and Taxonomy
    • The Strain Name Dilemma:  Do strain names matter?
    • The Indica/Sativa Controversy
    • Cannabis Anatomy, Chemotype, Genotype, and Phenotype
    • Cannabis Chemistry:  Cannabinoids, Terpenes, the Entourage Effect
    • The Broad to Narrow Leaf Spectrum of Effects
    • Quality: Evaluating the physical and aromatic characteristics of cannabis for unacceptable, acceptable, and perfect quality
    • Identifying Cannabis Flaws:  insects, mold, mildew, color, structure, ripeness, and many other factors to ensure safe consumption
    • Interpening Methodology:  Predicting the psychotropic effects of cannabis with three cranial nerves

Interpening Book

The new interpening book mirrors the live interpening courses that have been developed and taught around the world over the past decade by author and activist Max Montrose.  The book teaches you how to determine cannabis quality to ensure it’s safe to consume and breaks down every aspect of interpening methodology, providing you with the tools and knowledge to predict the psychotropic effects of your flower.

The Interpening book is loaded with high-quality photography to help you as you learn about evaluating cannabis quality, along with the following topics and more.

Unique, timely, and indispensable, Montrose’s book shines light on interpening. This art and science of characterizing marijuana varietals through olfactory training adds the crucial next dimension in deciding on your next purchase in this increasingly complex contemporary marketplace.

Rick Strassman

MD, author, DMT: The Spirit Molecule.





Interpening Tools

Interpening is a combination of the words “interpreting” and “terpenes.”

Interpening was developed by Max Montrose in 2008. Since it’s inception, Trichome Institute has hosted dozens of workshops teaching individuals from all around the world, including celebrities, industry veterans, and novices who are simply interested in learning more about cannabis.

Sommeliers, cicerones, cheesemongers, and coffee cuppers have perfected their palates to evaluate, grade, certify, and relay their expertise to the world. Trichome Institute is the first to bring the level of perfection and expertise to the world of cannabis.

Learn Interpening.

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