[In-terp-en-ing], verb. The Art and Science of the Cannabis Sommelier: Evaluating flower for quality, effect, and variety type

Level 1 Introductory Interpening Course: The Trichome Institute offers the Level 1 Interpening Course in person. This course consists of a four-hour lecture followed with a multiple choice question review quiz. Courses are held in various cities throughout North America. Visit for more information.

Level 2 Certified Interpener Course & Exam: All level 2 courses are taught in-person and followed with a written and practical exam accrediting you as a Certified Interpener by the Trichome Institute. Courses are held in various cities throughout North America. You will receive the Trichome Institute Certified Interpener green pin upon completion and are officially accredited as a Certified Interpener.

Level 3 Advanced Interpener Course & Exam: At this time Level 3 is offered by invitation only. You will receive the Trichome Institute Advanced Interpener black pin upon completion and are officially accredited as an Advanced Interpener.

What’s currently growing? We are currently developing the online Level 1 course, the new Interpening guidebook and the new Level 2 in person course. These will take some time to develop and release. We are starting to assist in developing Appellation and Terroir definitions in California. As we develop these programs we are refining our TAG process and using it in cannabis cups around the world and beginning to use the program for wholesale.

For four solid hours, everyone from managers of dispensaries to growers, budtenders and owners learns how to pick up a plant and detect everything they need to know about the cannabis from its smell, bud structure and leaves. If you pay attention and pass a test at the end of the class, you’ll win official certification as a weed sommelier. Lindsey Bartlett

Social Media Editor, Westword

We offer group discounts! – Level 1 Interpening

Interpening was developed by Max Montrose in 2008. Since it’s inception, Trichome Institute has hosted dozens of workshops teaching individuals from all around the world, including celebrities, industry veterans, and novices who are simply interested in learning more about cannabis.

Interpening covers the spectrum of cannabis types and quality unlike any other program. We bring 50 samples of flower to analyze all both acceptable and unacceptable characteristics and discuss how to communicate the qualities with others.

Wine sommelier, cicerones, mongers, and coffee cuppers have perfected their palates to dissect, grade, certify, and relay their expertise to the world.

Trichome Institute is the first to bring the level of perfection and expertise to the world of cannabis.

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