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The highest standards of education and certification in the cannabis industry





The first ever multilevel cannabis sommelier certification program


Cannabis Products & Sales Training is for individuals dispensary staff


Innovative tools for truly understanding your cannabis

Trichome Institute has been setting the highest standards for science, education, and certification in the cannabis industry since 2014.  With the lack of standardized education being a shared problem across every aspect of the industry, credible, accurate, and thoroughly researched information is necessary to further unite the cannabis community and end prohibition once and for all.  Trichome Institute is not only setting the bar for the education of cannabis, but continuously raising it, as the legalization of cannabis permits more legitimate research, to even better explain the amazing and complex cannabis plant.


New Course: Cannabis For All

The goal of Cannabis For All is to teach new cannabis consumers everything they need to know about cannabis, so they can develop their unique relationship with this amazing plant.
Cannabis research has become a confusing chore for many people, so Trichome Institute created CFA to be a one-stop shop for you to learn everything you need to know – not everything there is to know – that’s much more than a basic 101, yet digestible and not too technical.  So, rewind and clear your mind from whatever you’ve “heard” about cannabis, it’s time to start from scratch and learn accurate, reliable, and fun information about this amazing plant!

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