Weed Better™

Cannabis Education for the

Consumer to Connoisseur

Cannabis for All

This foundation course orients the cannabis curious to the basics of the plant, its products, and modes of consumption. You’ll learn the facts, bust some myths, and gain the knowledge you need to make informed choices as a consumer. Start Learning

Cannabis Consultant Training

Whether you’re a budtender or attorney, packaging designer or political activist in this burgeoning industry, you’ll want to speak in facts. Cut through the clouds of confusion with this course, the education standard for industry professionals. Dispensary staff: enroll as a group! Get Certified

Extraction & Concentrates Fundamentals

Trichome Institute partners with extraction expert Murphy Murri to deliver this course. You’ll go far beyond the basics of the extraction methods and post-processing techniques used to manufacture the huge variety of products that begin with cannabis concentrates.  Learn Extraction

Professional Interpening

[in-terp-en-ing], verb.
The Art and Science of the Cannabis Sommelier: evaluating flower for total quality control, psychotropic effects, and variety type designation. Become an Interpener

Interpening Tools