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Online Cannabis Courses for Consumers, Dispensaries, and Connoisseurs

Trichome Institute certifications help students learn the facts, be knowledgeable advocates, and Weed Better™

To Understand Cannabis, You Need Honest and Accurate Training

But here’s the problem…

  • You’re not sure you can trust the accuracy of what you’re learning
  • There’s (mis)information overload
  • Cannabis education lacks regulation and coherence
  • Nobody has given you a plan
  • Most online training is boring and ineffective
  • Weed has changed a lot since legalization

The cannabis industry is flooded with misinformation.  Knowing who to trust when it comes to education is challenging and time consuming. Not only that, how are you supposed to know if the information you’re learning is even accurate? The confusion and anxiety aren’t worth it.  And the truth is, if you’re going to invest in your education, it ought to be both accurate and entertaining. That’s why we curated essential cannabis education that provides you with research-based knowledge and skills that will help you Weed Better.

Your Plan to Weed Better

Step 1: Get Access

Enroll in the courses that align with your goals

Step 2: Learn

Enjoy your education at your own pace and earn your certificate

Step 3: Weed Better

Impress your friends with life-long skills and make a name for yourself in the industry

Student Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it! Here’s what our students have to say…

Max and Chef Brandon have an organic, symbiotic chemistry that makes their courses so fluid and interactive. After take the Interpening course mixed with Trichome’s Cannabis Consultant Training, I was able to start my dream career. Now, I’m exploring the nation’s cannabis industry and seeing the instant validity of the courses. Trichome has gotten me closer to finding the truth, and for that I will always highly recommend their education.


MACK DAWSON, Certified Interpener

The certifications offered by Trichome Institute are incredibly informative and provide a thorough and unique perspective into cannabis science and the cannabis industry. Anyone from beginners to experienced budtenders will find this training valuable and unlike any other cannabis certification program. I have seen greater confidence and product knoweledge from budtenders after receiving this training and I would recommend Trichome Institute to anyone seeking to enhance their understanding of cannabis.


Jordan Baker
Sr. Retail District Manager

Trichome has been an absolute game changer for Lume. As the premier Cannabis brand in Michigan, our team’s training and product knowledge is imperative — Trichome sets us up for success. The videos are clear, deeply informational and also fun to watch. Trichome is the perfect partner for Lume Cannabis!


Lume Cannabis Co.

As an RN, I was skeptical to buy training on the plant or the extraction process. However, I gained so much knowledge and understanding and have been able to pass that education on to my patients as I help them navigate medical marijuana in their health journeys!  Trichome Institute breaks all the complexities down to value pieces like no one else has ever been able to do. THANKS!


DEDEE CULLEY, RN & Certified Interpener

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Investing in Your Education Matters

At Trichome Institute we know you want to be a confident and knowledgeable cannabis advocate. To do that, you need high-quality, credible cannabis education.  The problem is there is so much misinformation out there, which makes you feel confused and uncertain.

Trichome Institute can help.  We believe learning about cannabis should be straightforward and stress-free.  We understand you’re busy working and trying to educate yourself at the same time, which is why we created relevant, research-backed online courses that you can take at your own pace.

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