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Are vape pens safe? What’s a sublingual? How will sativa affect me? If you’re overwhelmed by information, baffled by what’s fact or fiction, and just want basic, BS-free advice, this is the course for you.

Cannabis for All is the Crash Course for the cannabis curious. So you can become an informed consumer, Trichome Institute has created this back-to-basics tour through the most important topics. Whether you’re brand new to marijuana, haven’t consumed in years, or are looking to try new products, we’re here to guide you.

Course Topics

Nowadays, you almost need a weed dictionary to keep up with all the slang, which can be overwhelming. So throughout the course, you’ll learn the proper terms, what they mean, and how to use them when navigating your way through a dispensary.

What’s the difference between Blue Dream and OG Kush? Wait – what’s the difference between OG Kush from Colorado and Florida? Hold on – what about two OG Kush strains, both from Denver? Are they the same?

There are over 1,500 strain names in 2022. The good news is you don’t need to know them all because the only thing that matters for a newer consumer – is how the product will make you feel!

Indica traditionally means a relaxing or sedative flower, while Sativa refers to energizing and stimulating bud. However, the world of weed that we live in today isn’t that simple. Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid categories cause more confusion than help. This section will guide you to finding what you’re looking for, regardless of the name or vague category.

This section will provide you with five tips for finding the best flower quality you can, without needing to be a Cannabis Sommelier, like our Interpeners!

You can buy bowls for $5 and bongs for $5,000. What you want to smoke out of all depends on your set, setting, budget, and style! As long as it feels good going down and is safe to smoke with, that’s what matters most!  This section will guide you to finding the perfect piece!

Did you know you can put weed in nearly any kind of food or drinks? Regardless of the type of edible, what matters more than anything is the dose!  This section will help you figure out how much you should consume today, tomorrow, and ten years from now!

You can lather yourself up with cannabis creams and lotions, but you may fail a drug test if you grab the wrong product! This section breaks down the science of what stays on top of your skin versus what can sink into it!

Some edibles can act as a sublingual, and some sublinguals can act like an edible. Super straightforward, right? Here we will dive into what separates the two!

If you’ve researched weed for more than two minutes, you have a pretty good idea that THC and CBD are pretty famous. However, there’s a ton of misinformation about the two, so we’re here to straighten things out.

We love cannabis, but the term cannabis is super vague. There are hundreds of compounds throughout the species, and unfortunately, some of them don’t play nicely with some people. This section discusses the good, the bad, and the ugly when it comes to the herb.

Remember the VAPER MADNESS craziness of 2019? Well, there are a few things you can look out for to make sure you don’t get the black lung, and we’re here to help!

You, your dog, cat, aunt, weird neighbor, and cute sloths all have a system of receptors that allow cannabis to affect us in many different ways. There is SCIENCE behind the HIGH and the MEDICINE!

Have you ever scratched a lemon and smelled your finger? The primary aroma compound you’d smell is called a terpene. There are 30,000 terpenes around the globe, and several hundred of them have been found in cannabis. What’s incredible is that those aromas play a big role in the type of experience when you smoke weed!

You know how some of your friends can get loaded off a bottle of wine while others can down a 5th of Jack and be bright-eyed and bushy-tailed? Cannabis tolerance is similar to alcohol. This section guides you to find the right product and dose for when you’re just getting started.


Three primary types of students take CFA. The first are those who are brand new to cannabis. So, if you’ve never touched the reefer before or only dabble a couple of times a year, this course will help you understand much more than the basics of pot. The next type of student includes those that we call “second first-timers.” Parents, grandparents, and hell, maybe even great grandparents that used to partake back in the day when there was only 5% THC is the stickiest of ickiest! We promise you that if you enjoyed the ganja back in the day, it’s not the same bud anymore! This course will bring you up to speed on everything you need to know about cannabis to walk into a dispensary confidently.

The final type of CFA students enjoys learning new things about weed, getting a good chuckle here and there while smoking a jay, and enjoying hanging out with the virtual Trichome crew. Students who took our advanced courses say they loved CFA just because it’s a fun, light-hearted course!

Yuppers! We’ve uploaded about 50% of the CFA course on YouTube. So, if you’re looking to learn but aren’t sure if you’re ready to open up your piggy bank to Trichome quite yet, go check out the videos! However, if you want to take the course in total, enjoy the mini-quizzes and not be distracted by funny cat videos, enroll and earn your certificate!

Nope! There are mini-quizzes throughout the course to help test your noggin’ and make sure you’re paying attention, but there isn’t an official final exam. Oh, and if you fail the quizzes, you get the retake them. The goal here is to make sure you’re knowledgeable about the things you need to know about cannabis, not pressure you with a test and a career change! So, grab your sesh box, dim the lights, get snuggled up in your favorite recliner, and enjoy learning about weed with us while laughing at our bad jokes.

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