Frequently Asked Questions

1. 2020 Interpening Update

Trichome Institute’s Interpening program will forever be in a constant state of evolution as science, technology, and research expand, and prohibition comes to an end.  Since the first official Interpening course was taught in 2014, the founder of Interpening Max Montrose, and an original student of the program, Brandon Allen, partnered up in 2018 to completely redevelop the entire Interpening program.  Upon completion Max and Brandon realized that new names were needed to describe the different Interpening courses, due to the significant expansion of educational content and Interpening methodology compared to the original courses.


The original Interpening courses from 2014-2018 were titled as Level 1,2 and 3.  The Level 1 course was lecture only without an exam, but did provide all students with a certification. The Level 2 course included the same lecture as Level 1, along with a hands-on workshop with examples of marijuana, followed by a very challenging practical exam.  The Level 3 course was invite only and reserved for Level 2 Interpeners that proved themselves in the industry and qualified to judge cannabis cups with Trichome Institute’s TAG program.  


Since the redevelopment of the Interpening program launched in 2019, the Level 1,2 and 3 Interpening courses have been retired, however students with those certifications are still recognized.  Given that the new Interpening program contains so much new information, any students with a Level 1, 2, or 3 certification must take the new Professional Interpening course as a continuing education credit and to qualify for the Advanced Interpening course.  Previously certified students can contact info@trichome.us with proof of their certification to receive 50% off the Professional Interpening course online for continuing education.


The new Interpening courses are titled and described as follows:


Professional Interpening:


The Professional Interpening course is lecture only and is taught both online and in person.  The Professional Interpening course is based on the Interpening book, which was published in the spring of 2019 and includes a multiple choice online exam.  The online course is approximately five hours long and the live course is generally seven to eight hours long, depending on the size of the course.  Whether taught online or live, the course content is identical, the only difference is the opportunity for Q&A in a live setting, or being able to rewatch the videos of the online version.   Students who pass the exam are provided a Professional Interpening Certification and would be best described as Professional Interpeners.


Advanced Interpening:


The Advanced Interpening course will be live and in person only, in Colorado or California and will be available late 2020 (Possibly delayed to 2021 due to COVID19).  The Advanced course will contain new lecture material, a half day workshop with hands on interactive stations, followed by written and practical exams.  The written exam will be based on the lecture and workshop, while the practical exam will be based on every aspect of Interpening methodology taught in the Professional course, along with the workshop stations involving terpenes, typicity, and more.  Advanced Interpeners will be required to identify the quality and effects of blind cannabis samples and categorize them within the broad to narrow spectrum. Trichome will be announcing the date and location of the first Advanced course in the summer of 2020 with a date scheduled in the fall or winter later in the year.


Master Interpening:


The Master Interpening course will be invite only for Advanced Interpeners working in the cannabis industry, will include cannabis extraction methods and concentrate products, and will be available in late 2021 to 2022.


Thank you for your passion and enthusiasm for cannabis education,


Max Montrose & Brandon Allen

2. How do I access my online course?

Click here to login. Your courses will appear at the top of your My Account dashboard.

3. How do I retake a course exam?

You are allowed two initial attempts to pass an exam. If you do not pass on your second attempt, you can purchase a third attempt for a $25 fee.

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5. How do I troubleshoot my online course?

If you are having any technical issues with an online course, please do the following before submitting a ticket or emailing customer service, as the tips below fix 99% of the problems.

  1. Be sure you’re using the most updated version of Safari, Google Chrome, or Firefox.  Basically, anything but Internet Explorer!
  2. Logout of your account, delete your browser cookies, login back in, and continue where you left off.
  3. If you’re using a phone or tablet, use the preferred developer’s browserApple = Safari
    Google Pixel = Chrome
    Android = Chrome
  4. If you have a poor or slow internet connection (below 10mbps), the videos are most likely going to take a long time to buffer and play since they are in HD.
6. How come I can't proceed to the next course chapter?

If you cannot proceed to the next course chapter in any of our online courses, it’s because the video did not play in full to the very end.

If you pause the video or try and click “Mark Complete” before it’s over, you will not be able to proceed.  Be sure to let each video play to the very, very, very end, and then the “Mark Complete” section will change from grey to blue.  Click to continue! 

7. Help! I can't login or I forgot my password!

If you cannot login, you probably forgot the email address you registered your account with!  If you ever purchased anything through our website, you would have received an order confirmation.  Search ‘Trichome Institute” in your email and see if one pops up, and now you’ll know the email to use when you login.


If you cannot remember your password, you can reset it here.

8. How do I manage my group as an administrator?

Everything you need to know about managing your group can be found here

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