About Trichome Institute

Science. Education. Certification.

Trichome Institute has been setting the highest standards for science, education, and certification in the cannabis industry since 2014.  With the lack of standardized education being a shared problem across every aspect of the industry, credible, accurate, and thoroughly researched information is necessary to further unite the cannabis community and end prohibition once and for all.  Trichome Institute is not only setting the bar for the education of cannabis, but continuously raising it as the legalization of cannabis permits more legitimate research, to even better explain the amazing and complex cannabis plant.
Trichome Institute produces state specific training textbooks and student workbooks for cannabis education, along with Interpening and TAG. The online and live curriculums are reviewed and approved by the highest authorities in cannabis law, science, and medicine.  The Interpening program is a multilevel mastery certification in evaluating cannabis quality and determining psychotropic effects, regardless of strain names, speciation categories, or hybridization. TAG is based on Interpening methodologies and is the first and only cannabis quality certification system that includes visual and aromatic evaluations, combined with lab tests and photography to ultimately determine the quality and safety of cannabis for consumption.  Throughout the world, Trichome Institute students, Interpeners, and TAG technicians work in every level of the cannabis industry, including cultivation, distribution, retail, legal, culinary, and judging cannabis cups.
Trichome Institute is dedicated to the proper education of cannabis by empowering cannabis consumers with knowledge on the science and quality of cannabis, so they are confident in what they are consuming.  As this flourishing multi-billion dollar market becomes a mainstream, normalized, and federally legal industry, Trichome Institute will continuously evolve and embrace the newest science, technology, and research.  

“The good thing about science, is it’s true whether or not you believe in it”.

Neil deGrasse Tyson