The goal of Cannabis For All is to teach new cannabis consumers everything they need to know about cannabis, so they can develop their unique relationship with this amazing plant.

The amount of information about cannabis in magazines, books, and all across the world wide web is vast and infinite. However a lot of that “information” is outdated, misleading, or flat out wrong.  You could Google a specific question or topic about cannabis, and end up with fifteen different answers, of which none could even be factual. So, who can you trust? Is the information you’re researching about cannabis based on facts or feelings?  Are you trying to learn while being blasted with ads on YouTube and constant sponsor plugs for brands you can’t even get in your state? Is Bob’s Pot Blog legit, or just some dude who’s really high using big words that sound technical?


Cannabis research has become a confusing chore for many people, so Trichome Institute created CFA to be a one-stop shop for you to learn everything you need to know – not everything there is to know – that’s much more than a basic 101, yet digestible and not too technical.  So, rewind and clear your mind from whatever you’ve “heard” about cannabis, it’s time to start from scratch and learn accurate, reliable, and fun information about this amazing plant!


Who is CFA for?

First time consumers

To those of you that have never gotten high before… relax, take a deep breath, and get ready to have your mind blown, cannabis is awesome!

Second first timers

Like your aunt who used to get high back in the day but hasn’t smoked weed for 40 years….a lot has changed Auntie, buckle up!

Don't want to get high?

 It’s not all about THC folks!  There are plenty of ways to experience the benefits of cannabis, without feeling high!

Bad experience?

That brownie your friend gave you that made you feel high for nearly two days… wasn’t exactly the most welcoming experience.  Fortunately, products from the legal market are accurately dosed and contain a variety of different cannabinoids from cannabis, so you can now control your high and pick the right products for the desired effect you’re looking for.  Give it another shot!


You know your kids are going to be introduced to cannabis before they are 21,  whether it be in high school, college, or at a concert or party. Since D.A.R.E was a complete failure, you should be the one talking to them about weed, and we’re here to help.

Legalization knocking?

More than 30 states have legal marijuana programs and plenty of others are working on legalization.  If you work in politics, government, law enforcement, legal, and many other professional industries, chances are you’re going to be affected by marijuana legalization.  It’s your responsibility to learn about the industry, because trust us… Uncle Sam hasn’t got a clue, but we do!


Many medical marijuana states allow care-givers to purchase marijuana products and even grow plants for medical patients that are unable to leave their residence, let alone grow, due to their debilitating symptoms.  Trichome wants to make sure all care-givers have the tools and resources they need, to ensure their patients are as comfortable as possible.

Bored and high?

Let’s be real, this course is a lot of fun and filled with awesome information.  If you’re feeling super fine after your last sesh and need some weedertainment, come hang out with us for a bit!  Freshen up your cannabis lingo, learn something new, and enjoy a few laughs with us as we unravel this fantastic plant.

Stuck in the stigma?

Ultimately, CFA is for everyone that needs confidence in understanding cannabis so they can experiment safely and find what works best for them, regardless of how many times they’ve watched Reefer Madness!


Cannabis For All Overview

Hemp vs. Marijuana

The origins, evolution, speciation, and taxonomy of Cannabis is really complex, so how do you simplify what “cannabis” is in today’s somewhat legal market?

Strain Names, Indica, Sativa & Hybrids

Guess what…none of those things matter, folks!  It’s all about the effects and how cannabis makes you feel!

Joints, Bowls, Bubblers & Bongs

If you’re new to cannabis you can find hundreds of different ways to roll a joint, and countless opinions on bowls, bubblers, and bongs, so we wanted to give you the basics without the rocket bro-science.

Cannabis Quality

If you want to be an expert in cannabis flower, take our Interpening course. Otherwise, we’ll help you with some basic tips on finding the best flower in the dispensary, even if you’ve never touched the stuff before!

Edibles & Sublinguals

Don’t make the “hey man, eat my pot brownie” mistake!  Understanding edibles and sublingual products and knowing how to dose properly, will make your experience with cannabis absolutely delicious!

Topicals & Transdermals

Back pain? Old football injury?  New tattoo? Don’t want to feel high?  Topicals and transdermals do just the trick.


There have been over 150 cannabinoids discovered in the last 100 years, but these are the first two you need to understand and start experimenting with.

Cannabis Side Effects

Cannabis saves lives!  Cannabis allows people to live without pain!  Cannabis helps people of all ages enjoy a better, healthier quality of life!  At the same time, just as some people can’t eat gluten or peanuts, some people have adverse reactions to cannabis.  We break down the pros and the cons, while helping you navigate different products that may work better than others!


REEFER MADNESS all over again in the form of VAPEGATE!  Relax folks, safe, legal, vape pens, made by professionals in regulated states, work wonders!  Don’t let the media scare you with their propaganda!

The Endocannabinoid System

Did you know that your body produces its own cannabinoids naturally?  Whoa..science!

Terpenes and The Entourage Effect

Go outside, take a deep breath, you’re smelling terpenes!  They work synergistically with cannabinoids like THC and CBD to provide you with different effects from sedative to stimulating.  It’s not just about being high, you can control whether you want to fall asleep, relax for movie night, be energized to clean the house, or be super high and alert for the badass concert you’ve been waiting for.  Terpenes are your guide!

Ready to start learning?

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