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Learn the various extraction techniques and how to evaluate concentrate products

Marijuana Concentrate Consumption is Increasing in Popularity

But Here’s the Problem…

  • How do you know what brands to trust?
  • Are the chemicals being used safe?
  • Dispensary staff and customers lack knowledge
  • Concentrates aren’t for everyone
  • Clearcut training is hard to come by
  • The science can be overwhelming for some

We’re here to guide you into the world of extraction & concentrates to help you Weed Better

There’s a lot to know about cannabis extraction and concentrates, and the technology just keeps developing. So how are you supposed to know if the information you’re learning is accurate and up to date? The uncertainty isn’t worth it, and it’s frustrating to have gaps in your knowledge. And if you’re going to invest in education, it should be high quality, fit into your schedule, and apply to your work.

That’s why we created ECF, an on-demand course that helps you be confident in understanding and teaching others about cannabis concentrate methods and products.

Trichome Course Overview

Extractions & Concentrates Fundamentals

Topics included in this on-demand course include:

  • Extraction Methods
  • Solvent Extractions
  • Ethanol
  • Hydrocarbon
  • CO2
  • Solventless/Mechanical Extractions
  • Hash
  • Bubble Hash
  • Rosin
  • Post-Processing
  • Solvent Recovery
  • Decarboxylation
  • Winterization
  • Distillation/Isolation
  • Types of Concentrates
  • Input Material
  • Flower vs. Concentrates
  • Hyrdocarbon Extraction Lab

Extraction & Concentrates Fundamentals is taught by Murphy Murri, one of the leading extraction experts in the cannabis industry. With over a decade of experience in CO2, hydrocarbon, and ethanol extraction, along with pioneering gas chromatography for cannabis fractions, Murphy Murri will guide you through all of the foundational information you’ll need to understand cannabis extraction techniques and the products they produce.

Course Specs

Video Time: 2 hrs
Completion Time: 6 hrs
Testing: Final Exam
Languages: English
Difficulty: Intermediate
Prerequisite: None
Achievement: Certification
Meet Your Guide: Murphy Murri



Extraction Companies, Dispensary Staff, Cultivators, Edible Manufacturers, Educated Consumers, Medical Professionals


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Trichome Institute’s courses are honestly so good and 100% worth the investment. My whole understanding about cannabis has immensely improved thanks to Trichome.


Tom Rothmeier, Cannabis Advocate

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There is a lot of conflicting information when it comes to cannabis education.  Our courses at Trichome Institute help students learn the facts, be knowledgeable advocates, and Weed Better™

It’s Time to Concentrate.

At Trichome Institute we know you want to be knowledgeable about cannabis concentrates so you can provide the best possible experience for your customers. It’s important for you to understand the fundamentals of the various extraction methods, post-processing techniques, and the quality of concentrate products on the market. The problem is, knowledge is hard to come by. Often, the only way to learn is by working for an extract manufacturer or lab—and even then, effective training isn’t guaranteed.

We believe you should have access to the information that’s usually kept behind the scenes. This is why we partnered with one of the top leaders in the extraction industry, Murphy Murri, to bring you the first in a series of online courses on extraction and concentrates.

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