We’ll train your staff, so you can focus on growth

The trust of your customers starts with knowledgeable employees

But here’s the problem…

  • State laws lack clear regulations for dispensary training
  • Group training is often expensive, ineffective, and super boring
  • Sales training is generally overlooked in dispensary education programs
  • When your staff isn’t on the same page, customer retention goes up in smoke

Don’t let these problems get the best of your business.

We’re here to guide you.

The cannabis industry is flooded with misinformation.  Knowing who to trust when it comes to training your staff is challenging and time consuming. Not only that, how are you supposed to know if the information they are learning is even accurate? The risk to your business isn’t worth it.  And the truth is, if you’re going to invest in training your employees, it ought to be both accurate and engaging. That’s why we curated cannabis education that will provide your staff with research-based knowledge and skills to help your business grow and retain customers.

Online Cannabis Training Courses

Cannabis Consultant Training

Cannabis Consultant Training (CCT)

CCT is the primary course for training dispensary staff and other businesses that work directly with customers.

Review the course content here!

Cannabis Sommelier

Professional Interpening

Interpening is reserved for high-end dispensaries, experienced budtenders, and consulting connoisseurs that need to have an expert level of knowledge of marijuana.  Interpening is the cannabis sommelier program that enables your business to create exceptional experiences for customers.

Extraction & Concentrates Fundamentals

Extraction & Concentrates Fundamentals (ECF)

ECF trains extraction company employees, experienced budtenders at dispensaries with vast concentrate options, and other businesses working with concentrate products.

Training Benefits

  • Decrease risk by ensuring your staff is not misinforming your customers
  • Minimize the possibility of your customers experiencing adverse effects with knowledgeable staff who know how to qualify consumer tolerance and properly recommend products
  • Boost revenue with effective sales training and retain customers who are confident in your business
  • Refresh student knowledge easily with yearlong 24/7 course access 
  • Easily enroll new students as your business grows. 
  • Increase employee engagement through technical, yet entertaining content
  • Track student progress and create reports from your admin Group Dashboard


The certifications offered by Trichome Institute are incredibly informative and provide a thorough and unique perspective into cannabis science and the cannabis industry. Anyone from beginners to experienced budtenders will find this training valuable and unlike any other cannabis certification program. I have seen greater confidence and product knoweledge from budtenders after receiving this training and I would recommend Trichome Institute to anyone seeking to enhance their understanding of cannabis.


Jordan Baker
Sr. Retail District Manager


Trichome has been an absolute game changer for Lume. As the premier Cannabis brand in Michigan, our team’s training and product knowledge is imperative — Trichome sets us up for success. The videos are clear, deeply informational and also fun to watch. Trichome is the perfect partner for Lume Cannabis!

Lume Cannabis Co.

Group Pricing

Professional Interpening

Learn to be a new kind of connoisseur with skills that last a lifetime… and stop smoking bad quality cannabis!

Extraction and Concentrates Fundamentals

Looking to work in the world of extraction and cannabis concentrates?  Murphy Murri will guide you through what you need to know to get started in one of the most competitive landscapes of cannabis

Train your staff. Grow Your Business.

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