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Trichome Institute is committed to providing the highest standards in professional cannabis education based on verified information and years of personal industry experience. Our team works diligently to create products, courses, and curriculum that feature only the most current and accurate data available to the cannabis industry.


Numerous leaders in the global cannabis movement, including industry experts, researchers, leading physicians in medical cannabis, prominent attorneys, and many other proven sources, have helped Trichome Institute attain its position at the forefront of cannabis education. It’s now possible for the cannabis industry and the public to access all the accurate and comprehensive information needed to be safe and successful in this volatile market.


COVID19 Update – May 2020: All online courses are currently on sale at 50% off during Quarantine.  Group rates are currently the same as individual rates, with no additional discounts below 250 student seats.  Please contact brandon@trichome.us if you would like to purchase more than 250 student seats.

Students Cost Ext Savings
1 $249.00 $249.00  
25 $211.65 $5,291.25 15.00%
50 $186.75 $9,337.50 25.00%
150 $149.40 $22,410.00 40.00%
250 $124.50 $31,125.00 50.00%
500 $99.60 $49,800.00 60.00%