Medium CVault

Medium CVault


CVault is the go-to cannabis storage container, it is the “The World’s Smartest Storage Container, No Thinking Required!”. Constructed from food grade 304 stainless steel, perfect for long- or short-term storage ensuring your product will stay fresh until you are ready to use.

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Cure and store your flowers with longevity using this science-backed, metal marijuana jar! The large CVault storage container is constructed of 304 food grade stainless steel and is impenetrable by light. When combined with a humidity pack it creates “perfect conditions” for long or short-term storage.

Maintaining marijuana flower at an ideal and constant humidity means it will not lose or gain any moisture. With CVault storage containers, flower is maintained at its ideal moisture level throughout its intended lifespan, sometimes even longer. And the best part is that all CVaults come with a Boveda!

The humidity pack holder on the bottom of the lid is specifically designed to hold Boveda® Humidity packs.

If your Boveda packs dry up or you need more, we sell those too! Need more storage? Check out the Large CVault!

Medium CVault Storage Product Specifications

Interior Diameter: 4” or 10 CM
Depth / Height: 2.67” or 6.8 CM
¼ inch wide food grade silicone ring to ensure seal.
Humidity pack holder specifically designed to hold your Boveda® Humidity pack.
Latches are engineered to provide a perfect seal; ensuring product freshness.
Includes; (1) 8g 62% RH Boveda® Pack.

CVault Storage Study [Infographic]


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