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An on-demand course for consultants, entrepreneurs, and dispensary staff

To educate your customers, provide them a better experience, and increase revenue, you and your staff must be knowledgeable about cannabis. But here’s the problem… 

  • Misinformation about cannabis could be costing your business money
  • Training programs are usually boring and corny, and are likely short on science
  • Many training programs are done by people who don’t understand the industry
  • Sales training, qualifying, and customer service are generally overlooked
  • Training is often expensive, time consuming, and ineffective

You’re here to learn how to help your customers Weed Better. We’re here to guide you.

Since there is so much misinformation out there, knowing who to trust when it comes to cannabis education is challenging enough. Not only that, but how are you supposed to know if the information you’re learning is accurate and up to date? The confusion and uncertainty aren’t worth it, and it’s costing your business money. And if you’re going to invest in education, you want it to be both worthwhile and entertaining. 

That’s why we created Cannabis Consultant Training, an on-demand course that will give you the confidence to share your knowledge. This enables you to better educate your customers, guide them through their journey with cannabis, and improve how they view your brand.

The Knowledge You Learn is the Knowledge Your Customers Learn

Course Topics

  • Cannabis Terminology

  • The Experimentation Phase

  • What speciation and strain names really mean

  • Determining customer tolerance

  • How cannabinoids and terpenes work

  • Understand the Entourage Effect

  • What is the Endocannabinoid System

  • Vaping and smoking flower

  • Edibles and their effects

  • The difference between transdermals and topicals

  • Vape Pens, should you be concerned?

  • Suppositories for men and women

  • Extraction methods and the products they make

  • The different types of cannabis concentrates

  • How to dab and what you need

  • How to read a lab test and product labels

  • Cannabis weights and conversions

Whether you’re a budtender or attorney, packaging designer or political activist in this budding industry, you’ll want to speak in facts. This course provides a broad foundation in the essential topics: the cannabis plant’s chemistry, legal definitions of hemp and marijuana, modes of consumption, effects and side effects, cannabis products and dosing, ensuring quality and safety, and cannabis product sales training. 

Course Specs

Video Time: 2.5 hours
Completion Time: 8 hours
Testing: Final Exam
Languages: English
Difficulty: Moderate
Prerequisite: None
Achievement: Certification
Meet Your Guides: Brandon Allen,  Max Montrose, Murphy Murri


Dispensary Staff, Entrepreneurs, Investors, Laywers, Lawmakers, Government Officials, Law Enforcement, Medical Professionals, Cultivators, Extractors, Caregivers, Marketing Agencies, Educated Consumers, Advocates


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Your Plan for Growing Your Business


Customer education starts with you. Get enrolled and focus on your education first


Help customers Weed Better and become a trusted guide


Increase revenue, credibility, and customer satisfaction. 

In an opinionated field of Cannabis, I wanted to find a course that had its own developed and researched beliefs. Max and Chef Brandon have an organic, symbiotic chemistry that makes the courses so fluid and interactive. After the Interpening course mixed with Trichome’s Cannabis Consultant Training, I was able to start my dream career. Now, I’m exploring the nation’s cannabis industry and seeing the instant validity of the courses. Trichome has gotten me closer to finding the truth, and for that I will always highly recommend their education.


Mack Dawson, Certified Interpener

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Included in Bundled Packages

Cannabis for All

A crash course for the cannabis curious, new consumers, and people who used to consume back in the day.

Professional Interpening

Learn to be a new kind of connoisseur with skills that last a lifetime… and stop smoking bad quality cannabis!

Extraction and Concentrates Fundamentals

Looking to work in the world of extraction and cannabis concentrates?  Murphy Murri will guide you through what you need to know to get started in one of the most competitive landscapes of cannabis

There is a lot of conflicting information when it comes to cannabis education.  Trichome Institute helps students learn the facts, be knowledgeable advocates, and Weed Better™

Grow Yourself to Grow Your Business

At Trichome Institute we know you want to be successful and properly educate your customers. So you need accurate and relevant training. The problem is there is so much misinformation about cannabis, it can be hard to know how best to educate the people you work with. We believe learning about cannabis should be rigorous and fun and facilitate professional growth.

We understand you have a business to run and revenue to generate. We created Cannabis Consultant Training to ensure you and your staff aren’t missing out on any opportunities to grow your business by helping your customers Weed Better.

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