Can weed lotion make you fail a drug test or become high?

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One of the most common questions we’re asked from all walks of life: can THC lotion make you feel high or fail a drug test? One reason seniors are so interested in cannabis lotions, creams, and balms is that they typically don’t want to smoke or eat any weed and they don’t want to get that high either. That and no one wants to accidentally fail a drug test for work just to relieve some joint pain; so this is a great question. 

Weed Cannabis Lotion

So, can weed lotion make you high? Simply put, the answer is yes and no. 

The first thing that needs to be identified is whether the topically applied product contains THC. Not THCA, CBD, CBG, CBC, or any other non-intoxicating cannabinoid. THC is ultimately what matters here. Other cannabinoids like CBD and CBG produce psychoactive effects but none that would be truly considered intoxicating like THC. 

YES: Some topically applied cannabis products are considered transdermals, meaning that they have carrier agents like olive oil, that have the ability to penetrate the skin (epidermis) and enter your bloodstream. If any topically applied cannabis product with THC enters your bloodstream, there is a possibility that it can make you feel high. This means that you could fail a drug test as well. 

Chef Brandon Allen has used a ton of different transdermal THC products and reports never feeling high or stoned from them, only a mild calming sensation, which is why they are great for pain. The dose of the product is what ultimately matters, but the bioavailability (how much of the THC actually enters your system) is also really important; currently, we have lacking science on this. Even if there was a study on the bioavailability of transdermally delivered THC, various types of products and carrier agents, create so many variables to have a definitive percentage to reference. Brandon said, “I can tell you this though… a 10mg ganja patch isn’t going to do a damn thing compared to a 10mg edible.” No kidding! 

CBC Salve Topical Lotion

NO: If the topically applied product is a strict TOPICAL, meaning that it stays on TOP of the skin, it will not enter the bloodstream and absolutely will not make you feel high. It’s important to note that we’ve seen “topicals” with ingredients in them that have been shown to penetrate the skin; so, buyer beware! Do your research on the ingredients before you get all lathered up.

So, regardless of your age, if you’re worried about getting high or failing a drug test from a topical, be sure to stick to nonintoxicating cannabinoids like CBD and be sure there are no transdermal carrier agents like olive oil, coconut oil, and even emu oil! Many people claim CBD topicals/transdermals help them with many skin diseases, joint issues, pain, scarring, acne, etc. There’s a decent amount of literature on topical CBD application as well (look on google scholar or PubMed). 

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