Cannabis Consultant Training CCT was created for industry professionals that work directly or indirectly with cannabis.  From dispensary staff, cultivators, cannabis chefs, and extractors, to legal, marketing, and packaging companies, CCT institutes the industry standard for cannabis education.


Everyone working in the cannabis industry needs to have the same foundational education in order for the cannabis economy to thrive sustainably for years to come.


What’s important to understand, is that it’s not just about your education, it’s about how you are able to educate your customers!


Who is CCT for? 

Dispensary Staff

There are many names for retail cannabis workers that are at the front lines of cannabis sales.  Whether your job title is a Dispensary Technician, Retail Consultant, or a Budtender, if you’re involved in the direct sales of cannabis to customers, you should have the best education possible, to ensure your customers are knowledgable about the products they are consuming.

Special Event Coordinators

From cannabis chef dinners, to industry networking parties, all the way to stoned goat yoga, if you’re hosting, coordinating, or working special events where cannabis consumption is allowed, you need to understand how to properly qualify tolerance and recommend products based on each individual customer.  

Medical Professionals

There are very few people who are legally able to “prescribe” cannabis to patients.  For those who are able, understanding the science and medicinal aspects of cannabis is only one part of the equation. Understand the different products, terminology, and industry culture is the other part of the equation that is equally important.

Cultivators & Extractors

 Within any industry, there is always a side that is not directly involved with customers, but wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for their skills and discipline.  From the tech developers of this website, to chefs and cooks in restaurants, to engineers that designed the device you’re reading this with, there is a major separation from customers.  

Educated Consumers

The primary demographic for this course is those working within the cannabis industry, however there are plenty of consumers and even parents, that want to better understand cannabis and the industry.  Whether you’re learning for your own consumption or to help someone you care for, the education you will receive from CCT will definitely benefit your understanding of cannabis and the industry as a whole.


Many medical marijuana states allow care-givers to purchase marijuana products and even grow plants for medical patients that are unable to leave their residence, let alone grow, due to their debilitating symptoms.  Trichome wants to make sure all care-givers have the tools and resources they need, to ensure their patients are as comfortable as possible.

Bored and high?

Let’s be real, this course is a lot of fun and filled with awesome information.  If you’re feeling super fine after your last sesh and need some weedertainment, come hang out with us for a bit!  Freshen up your cannabis lingo, learn something new, and enjoy a few laughs with us as we unravel this fantastic plant.

Legalization knocking?

More than 30 states have legal marijuana programs and plenty of others are working on legalization.  If you work in politics, government, law enforcement, legal, and many other professional industries, chances are you’re going to be affected by marijuana legalization.  It’s your responsibility to learn about the industry, because trust us… Uncle Sam hasn’t got a clue, but we do!


Cannabis Consultant Training Course Overview

Cannabis Terminology

Consistency in how industry professionals speak about cannabis is incredibly important, especially for minimizing confusion with customers.  This section breaks down the legal and cultural terms of cannabis.

Experimentation Phase

Whether someone is brand new to cannabis or has been using it for decades, identifying which products work best for your customers today, tomorrow, and years from now, is a complete experiment that you can help guide them through.

Cannabis Speciation & Strain Names

What are customers really asking for when they say they want an “Indica” or “OG KUSH”?  A specific effect!


Understanding the different tolerance levels will allow you to recommend the best products for customers in retail settings and at specials events.  Determining tolerance is the first step in maming sure someone has a positive experience with cannabis.


There have been approximately 150 cannabinoids discovered within the various cannabis species, humans have endogenous cannabinoids, and there are even some created in labs, but which ones are actually found in cannabis products?

Terpenes and The Entourage Effect

Go outside, take a deep breath… you’re smelling terpenes!  Terpenes work synergistically with cannabinoids like THC and CBD, along with other terpenes, to provide you with different effects from sedative to stimulating.  Helping your customers undesrtand terpenes will help them better understand the effects they receive from inhalable cannabis products…but what about edibles?

The Endocannabinoid System

Helping customers understand how and why cannabis effects us the way it does, is a major step in breaking down stigams and uncovering the science of cannabis and humans.


It all starts with flower, but there is a lot to uncover.  Onset of effects, bioavailability, smoking vs vaporizing, the effects of various strains, and much more are all unraveled. 


Edibles stem beyond brownies and gummy bears – basically anything you swallow that has cannabis in it can be considered an edible.  In this section we idntify the various types of edibles and explain the science on how and why edibles are so different than smoking or vaping.

Transdermals & Topicals

Knowing the difference between a transdermal and a topical product, could not only protect your customers from failing a drug test, but could also really help those with respiratory and GI issues.

Vape Pens

In 2019 the cannabis industry experienced VAPOR MADNESS!  Since then, there have been a lot of concerns with the safety of vape pens.  Here we explain the differenty types of vape pens, common dilutents, and how to identify potential health risks. 


There are many ways to use and consume cannabis and some since people need different delivery methods due to certain health issues, suppositories can be a great alternative.

Extraction Types

Many customers are concerned when they hear that cannabis products are extracted with butane, propane, and alcohol, but so are many other food grade products!  Here we explain the various extraction types, the products that stem from them, and what makes them safe to consume.


It’s important to understand the various concentrate products so that you can explain to your customers how they are made, what they consist of, how they are consumed, and much more.


Lab Tests

Learn how to read and undertand the various sections of a cannabis Certificate of Analysis including cannabinoids, terpenes, pesticides, mycotoxins, heavy metals, residual solvents, and more.

Cannabis Side Effects

Cannabis saves lives!  Cannabis allows people to live without pain!  Cannabis helps people of all ages enjoy a better, healthier quality of life!  At the same time, just as some people can’t eat gluten or peanuts, some people have adverse reactions to cannabis.  We break down the pros and the cons, while helping you navigate different products that may work better than others!


It’s only the matter of time until you’ll find yourself in a situation where at special event or even just at a party with friends, that someone will get a bit too high.  So, it’s important you learn the best ways to handle the situation and make sure they are calm and safe.

Cannabis Weights

Care to know why you’ve been losing about 5 grams of cannabis for every pound you’ve purchased?  It’s basic math, but it could be costing your business thousands upon thousands of dollars, or dosing your infused meal a bit higher than it should be!

Sales Training & Customer Service

There are proven sales strategies and customer service techniques that at the end of the day, help generate more revenue for your business, while making sure customers are satisfied with their experience.  In our Sales Training, Qualifying, and Customer Service sections, we break down different methods and concepts that help both the business and the consumer.

Final Exam & Course Duration 

CCT includes a 100 question exam that requires a 70% passing rate.  Each student is given two attempts to pass the exam.  The runtime of the video is approximately 2.5 hours, but when combined with the supplemental reading and exam, Trichome Institute considers CCT to be a 4 hour course.

Ready to start learning?

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CCT covers detailed information about the various cannabis products that exist in the market, how to use them, and how to make recommendations for customers. Upon completion of the course, dispensary staff will be able to effectively describe accurate dosing recommendations, time to effect, proper methods of consumption, safety and side effects, and much more, in order to properly educate customers.


One of the biggest challenges customers face in a dispensary, is the inconsistency in information they receive from differey staff members.  CCT is the foundational solution to this problem, as it provides your staff with uniformity in product knowledge, cannabis terminology, sales training, and customer service.  When customers are able to feel confident in a dispensary, regardless who assists them, their loyalty increases dramatically.


A CCT certification can help minimize the risk for your dispensary by empowering your staff with the knowledge they need to safely dispense cannabis products. Your dispensary easily can avoid public health, safety, legal, and compliance issues, but it all starts with proper education from trusted resources.